Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sometimes goodbye's the only way...

Yeah, I quit playing.

I've been posting quite a bit on my other blog... And I'm gonna stop this one. Was nice hangin with you all, spec ripper. And that mad orc, ratter.

Anyway, here's my big list of wow regrets.

1. Ever playing a PvE server.Compared to that, PvP servers are like sex without the condom. And with a partner. Admittedly, a sadistic 12 year old parter... maybe I should stop now.

2. My first char was a troll mage onna PvP server. I moved to be with a friend and started a rogue on his PvE server. Big mistake.... shoulda stuck with the mage. Rogues are for people who hate humanity a lot. Mages are for people who hate humanity intensely.

3. I missed the whole opening of AQ event. It happened during one of my burnout/server hopping periods. When you consider this was probably the only real global event in the six years of WoW history... yeah, still pisses me off.

4. Ever becoming an officer in a guild. The first rule of guilds and S&M gay pr0n. Never freaking volunteer!

5. Ever playing alliance. Goddamn Ironforge, anyway.

6. Getting my only real pvp title (Knight Commander) onna ally char. (59 nelf hunter) It hurts my soul not havin a decent pvp title on a hordie char.

7. Ever trying to level a paladin. Orra warrior. Plate is a waste of a freaking drop.

Anyway... I go now to my final reward... hopefully SC2 inna few months, and diablo 3 inna year and a half. Stay (blood) thirsty, my friends!