Monday, April 27, 2009

We better have a good explaination for all the fun that we had

Braids is leavin us. Dammit, now I'll never get to see the much promised pictures of her in Wildheart... (you can still mail em to me!)

Keep checking the Ratter. You just know hes gonna post pics of Kinny in rabit ears.

Mabd is in hiding. After the eighth "wtb female orc" post in trade... damned server is overrun with pervos.

I jumped guilds. The old guild is heading for the cliffs... our best tank left in disgust, our second best tank (and guild officer) is goin through so much RL garbage that he couldn't even make the guild tank meeting that *he* called.

That leaves two tanks that I wouldnt trust in RFC, let alone ulduar. So... I moved Maj. They dont care at this point since they prefer I play my healer (Unbound). My new guild seems to like the dps. Ulduar is gonna kill the old guild. Two decent healers... me, and the guy who plays once a week, and is beta testing Bloodbowl.

You people might lose me when that goes live.

I don't have the time to play three toons anymore. Or barely to play one. Gearing Mabd is gonna take a backseat for a while.

The new guild has everything. Paladins to hate on, and a decent lock to despise.

"I hate you. 4k rain of fire ticks? WTH? The best I get with blizzard is 1.8..."

"But I thought blizzard could crit now?"


I loves the new fire build on single bosses... spec after molten fury procs. I'm having no mana problems, and finally got secure enough in the spell rotation to start doin what I was doin as arcane. The only problem... I suck at aoe on trash.

A lot.

Damn locks.

You know things change when the best aoe class issa... rogue.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kinda like the way everything is grey...

I apologize for not posting sooner.

I've been... ill.

There was a terrible accident. My spleen, whom I thought inured to almost any toxin, decided to rip itself out of my abdomen and flee for the hills.

Well, flee for somewhere. I have to admit I'm worried, itsa bad neigborhood, it doesnt have any money, and doesnt really know anyone around here.

I tried tracking him by the trail of blood, but was a bit too dizzy. I got to the corner hot dog stand and no further.

Mmmm... hot dog bodegas...

Anyway, 3.1 is here. And you will be as surprised to learn as I was that Melvin had been keeping up with the 3.1 news! The most important thing in 3.1 for him? Titansteel spellblades! His lock and mage finally get an upgrade! (Melvin doan know about the flame heart scalpel... and wouldn't really be able to grind Kirin Tor rep either way since he doan get invited twice to heroics...)

Also of interest to Melvin... them changing frostweave bags to 24 slots!

(don't ask... I mean... I didn't. Even tho Melvin confessed to having read articles "nonstop" regarding the upcoming patch.)

So, I was quietly discussing the changes with Melvin on tuesday.

"No, Melvin, the bags aren't gonna suddenly get more slots!"

"How do you know?"

"I read the patch notes."

"How do you know those aren't fake?"


"But I read..."

Anyway. Melvin then asked me what the big deal in the patch was gonna be. I told him about the hunter ammo bag changes... thunder stomp fer all tenacity pets... shammies becoming the only healing class without insane mana problems... and mages getting both jack AND shit.

Oh yeah, and the whole dual spec thing.

"You mean my mage and lock will be able to use two titansteel spellblades? I'm gonna need more titansteel!"

I wasn't really able to correct him. I felt a brief sharp pain right next to my liver, and we spent the next hour looking for missing body parts.

Which, I have to admit, has long been my ideal way to end conversations with Melvin. Just... I never thought it would be MY body parts we were looking for.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Keep to the sunny side of life!

Good... Bad... I'm the one with the monkey.

Mabd hit 80, BooYah!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Those people that smile a lot... watch the eyes

So... after spending 9 hours in Naxx 10 with my shammy and the guild alt run (any of melvin's characters should be considered alts..)

I ran Naxx 10 with my mage for 9 hours with a guild that I was once (but no longer) considering joining.

If your healers can't handle KT's ice cubes... your guild aint goin nowhere.

Also ran the mage in a midnight to 6 am naxx 25 man run. Four resto shammies, none of whom knew how to FREAKING HEAL. Half the party was dead at the end of loatheb. We couldn't do Patchwerk. We couldn't do Rasuvious. One of the most disgusting females I've ever had the horror of being stuck in vent with played a shadow priest with a level of incompentence that would shock even Melvin.

I'm not kidding... I muted her in vent about 15 min in. All during the run she kept "recruiting" in general Naxx chat for a fictional ERP Guild named "The Brown Eye." AND she was last in dps (1100... and she's been 80 for months). AND she couldn't handle the adds in the Rasuvious fight... I mean, we really shoulda known when she started bragging about the guilds that would no longer pug her for their naxx 25 runs.

Last... a more or less unbelievable Melvin story. Magebert has decided to spec his druid fer tanking. And has problems understanding the role swipe plays... anyway, magebert and melvin decided to do H Gundrak. Melvin brought Fleabag (thats my pet name for his feral druid.)

So, I'm hanging in guild chat with a coupla friends, and the following flashes...

Fleabag has achieved Heroic Gundrak
Fleabag has achieved What the Eck!
Fleabag has achieved Share the Love

In case you don't know... that last achievement comes off the final boss in Gundrak... he has this horrific attack called impale... you get the achieve with everyone in the party getting impaled... A good run will down him with only one impale. A medicore run with 2.

How did they get the achieve? Magebert and Melvin pullin less than 1k dps each. I /w the healer and just got cursed at. (Holy pal... Melvin said "He never ran outta mana!") 7 impales if not more, Magebert is kinda not the best at keepin track of these things.

So I hop into vent with the guildies... and have to explain that Melvin really wasn't TRYING for that achievement. He just got it... naturally...

That's when I found out that Melvin came close to being kicked out of a previous guild after he used Fleabag to tank for some of that guild's officers...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Gonna be ok...

Melvin's ret pally is more or less geared. So Melvin refuses to play him anymore. On raid night what should show up but Melvin's elemental shammy? Still decked out in level 70 gear!

I'm still kicking myself for not dropping the party immediately. To add to the drama, we had two other dps doin sub-1300 dps.

And I got talked into playing my resto shammy. And the raid leader is an idiot. He's playing a geared holy pal. We have my shammy, about as well geared as 10 man naxx will get you. And we have a disc priest... the wife of a tank, and not... um.... terribly skilled. Which is to say, when doin saph, we need someone to keep an eye on her, and keep her healed. Cuz she can't heal herself and someone else through the aoe damage.

(last wipe on saph, she dies from the cleave.)

So raid leader sets healing assignments... My resto shammy on main tank... his holy pal on offtank. And disc priest on raid healing.

/beats head

God, I wanna gank Melvin in RL. And then camp his sorry ass. Friggin 1100 dps. An hour in, I had to ask why he was using flametongue instead of totem of wrath. (he was using both... and of course casting wrath first)

We had the annoying mage (1300dps) who couldn't even be bothered to decurse himself through Saph, let alone the people on his side. (why is he annoying? He NEVER SHUTS UP in vent. Of course, he did warn us that the blizz in saph "always stays on the side the melee is on, so the melee probably should switch sides...")

So, I took Mabd, my much neglected hunter for a spin last weekend. Ended up running UK, OK, AN and VH. Top dps each run. End boss of AN, I just put monkey on aggressive, and he beat every one else in the raid (including myself) in damage. Damn, thats just too much fun. Ended up main tanking UK (mabd is 75, dk was 70 and had wrong rune to boot) with banana boy.

Every so often you need to strut the old stuff in pugs. We all need recognition...

And a haiku? Dammit all to hell. Things change, eh?

The mighty hunter
Awakens from raid winter to
Red headed flower.

Good luck Daniel. A word of warning... its much easier to stop playing than to stop blogging...