Monday, September 29, 2008

Every man's conscience is vile and depraved

It's embarassing to admit how long it took me to learn the right way how to peel garlic.

Arms&Fury lost his damn mind over the weekend. Ima just tellin you. He claims itsa illness.

Thankfully, Ima few hundred miles away.

So... reason #2,2219 I hate warriors.

We was doin ring of blood fer teh ozmah. Herk tanks, I healz, everyone else dps.

Cept Herk weren't tankin. Herk was 2handed, berserk stance, deathwish poppin, warrior dpsin. Now... some clarification fer yaz.... a tank is not a tank cuz of the big gun. A tank issa tank cuz of the thick armor. With zerk stance and deathwish... well, I'd rather heal a damn lock, or rogue. Easier job fer me. Fer him... it doan matter. HERK SMASH! HERK CAN HAZ RAGE!

I've main healed gruul and seen tanks take less damage. See... this is why I ask fer pallies first fer my tankin jobs. They have a more exact understanding of the task. Warriors have always resented having to use a shield. And when they get a good healer, they toss it into the bag and go into painz mode.

Or maybe I could use a bear. Melvin is probably free.

Well, probably not. Melvin issa huge packers fan. So not only did I get to ask him how the packers did sunday (I already knew... its just more fun listening to him tell me...) I also got to point out to him that Brett Farve threw 6 touchdown passes this week! Something he never did for his old team...

I so enjoy melvin's suffering. Even if my "light banter" puts him into a catatonic state, sucking his thumb in a closet instead of bein at my beck and call.

So, Arms&Fury and I need to put in three moar games in arena this week. Did some early sunday, then had to bail. Then did one later... lasted 40 minutes.

At the end, Arms logged, claiming he was shaking from the tension. (We won, btw). I doan know why he was so freaked out... between the druid cyclone, roots, and hunter traps... Herk was cc'ed long enough to take a bio break, maka sammich, and watch a movie.

But you know itsa rough match when you have to run a daily to get enough gold to repair, anda bg to get enough honor to replace the stacks of tears you drank.

And yeah, megs... I aint forgotten you. I'll hava response up later this week.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

You have to kill me... I am an open book.

The sad thing is that this post's lyrics are from one of the songs on my current playlist.

Ima little ambivalent about Kirk's challenge. On the one hand, Ima big follower of the culture of books. I grew up inna household like this. "They will breathe with gills that make the sounds of fluttering pages."

And Ima no stranger to banned books. I was readin Henry Miller before I was in high school. Which kinda freaked out my high school librarian.

Which is why she recruited me to go through stacks of donated paperbacks and cull out the ones that might cause trouble. These mostly came in two categories. Tom Robbins, and christian horror. Cuz apparently some people can't write a christian horror novel without scenes of children being anally raped. (you might think I'm joking. I'm not.)

I've been hangin out with librarians all my life. My best friend in elementary school (we were both held back in handwriting class) was the daughter of the man who owned the town book store.

I met Kim, my movie partner, about the same time her mother noticed me. Kim's mom was the librarian at my undergraduate college. (People... I still have stories... really. I just need to get depressed enough to tell them)

One picture they put in my senior yearbook was of me in a chair, reading, with the caption "[Noobed] engrossed in yet another fascinating book."

That bein said... I really have little interest in the whole banned book controversy. Novels are no longer pertinent in the grand scheme of things. We've moved on to arguing about censoring tv, songs, video games, and talk radio. The fight over books are more outta habit. Of Kirk's whole list, there are maybe what, 10 that I would recommend...

Not to mention some of these are the most published books in human history... like the ban hammer seems to have crippled J. K. Rowling's career... The only reason I read The Handmaiden's Tale was because of the controversy, and I instantly regretted it.

(Side note... I once got into an serious argument with a good (extremely christian) friend over whether the Harry Potter series was suitable for children.)

Anyway... here's what I've read.

5. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
6. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
7. Harry Potter (Series) by J.K. Rowling
13. The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger (a truly great book)
18. The Color Purple by Alice Walker
19. Sex by Madonna (I didn't really... *read* this one)
20. Earth’s Children (Series) by Jean M. Auel (also pr0n)
22. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle (a childhood favorite)
37. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (bleh)
41. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (good book, better movie)
52. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
53. Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by A.N. Roquelaure (Anne Rice) (moar pr0n)
55. Cujo by Stephen King (I outgrew S. King at age 13.)
69. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut (click here for moar fun)
70. Lord of the Flies by William Golding
77. Carrie by Stephen King
83. The Dead Zone by Stephen King
84. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

And next week I'll pick up

71. Native Son by Richard Wright

I always meant to read that one.

And instead of passing this along to 5 others... I will leave you with this message from Samuel Clemens... some books were meant to die.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Just an old fashioned love song...

Man, this game has its claws im me.

I lost internet saturday, and almost lost my mind. I was so looking forward to farming more herbage fer the upcoming Inscription run.

I will not play a death knight.

I will not play a death knight.

I have three characters already... I swear to god, I will not play a death knight.

(Who the hell am I kidding?)

Best lovers? Priests. Given the choice between makin out and leveling a priest... smoochies!

Can't say that about my hunter or shammy. My poor mage has become dusty tho... :(

Latest word on the Beta. They gave resto shammies a new top tier talent.

It used to be spirit link... but that was just too weird. And either they nerfed it into oblivion, or it would be the most awesome arena talent ever made.

So what are shammies gettin now? Only the best heal in arena. Insta cast regrowth, baby! Only a 6 sec cooldown? Oh man, there's no damn way they gonna let this in. Especially with the other buffs shammies got. Must haz moar critz, plz. I might even start wearing +crit trinkets...

My breakdown... pallies and druids got aoe healz. Yawn. Priests got... well, nothing great. Shammies got stuff to make them better single target healers. Lifebloom met a pack of bikers in a bar, and well... I havent seen a nerf bat used that ruthlessly since the great pre BC nerf of fury warriors.

Majeure, at this point, is ignored. I'm waiting on 3.0 to make mages worth playin again. I've been in av's lately where there wasn't a single mage on the horde team. Sigh. OTOH, I amuse myself by trying to predict spell rotations for the new frost builds. Will ice lance trigger fingers of frost? Cuz if it does...

Did Kara with the new soon to be doomed guild.

I'm gettin better with over healz (20-25%). And mana conservation. I finally got not one, but two healz cloaks. A nice mana regen cloak offa Illhoof fer pve, and the badgers cloak fer arena. I gots 1930 healz with one of my gear sets...

So, the kara run. We pugged an awesome warrior tank. One that knew all the los tricks fer aoe pulls. And we had a old acquaintance off tanking, Taz, a pally arms and fury and I know.

Taz is a bit of an idiot. The warrior would pull a group and then try to LOS em into a tight pack. And Taz would peel em offa him before the warrior could get them into position.

Had an undergeared druid off healing for us. Who dint bother rolling for the healing cloak that dropped because it didnt have any +healz on it. Just a ton of spirit and +mp5. The druid's current cloak was that feather cloak outta sethek halls.

Had a frost mage that didnt know that ice block broke both moroes garrote and maiden's holy fire.

Had an elemental shammy that didnt know grounding totem ate holy fire. And who was slow shocking juliet's healz.

Had a demo lock, first time in Kara on any toon. I took her under my wing fer Illhoof... earth shield and a lock work wonders in that fight. Still, she was rollin on healing gear. And won some +fire damage items. Last among dps, even after illhoof.

Had a rogue. Didn't have wound poison fer Illhoof. (It helps a lot with groups that are slow to kill chains.) Died a lot.

Had a hunter. 41 BM/20 Surv. Could trap well, crap gear. Rolled on gorehowl at end of night. (against the warrior)

Had a holy pal. 60% overhealing. Got caught by Prince's aoe 4 times... and had to be battle rezzed twice during that fight.

Only two wipes. One on trash during a bad pull, one on prince.

A great tank and great healer can forgive a lotta mistakes.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hello, hello!

So I popped into a losin AB the other night. And guess who I met?

That's my baby brother there... I dint even know he was in the same battlegroup. I guess the number of lazer chickens I hang out with just went up by one.

Suprised the hell outta him when someone in the BG whispered him by name. Heh heh heh.

See the fool on the hill...

I know my last post might have been confusing... but here's a case in point.

Look at the horde positions. All over the place. Like a lovely flower. A lovely, harmless, winless, flower. Pansie maybe.

You can't fix stupid.

Friday, September 19, 2008

All we have to do now is take these lies and make them true somehow

Happy fun weekend. Got a lot done at work, almost caught up.

Had a stupid question to answer at work... and yes, there might not be any stupid questions, but there are tons of inquisitive idiots...

And I have to take exception to Out of Mana. Even if it gets me killed. Painfully.

EotS is a kinda weird BG. There are 5 spots that you need to control. The four bases, and where ever the flag is.

Possess three of these through most of the game and you win.

If you have three bases for half the game, and the other side has one base and the flag the entire game, plus another base through half the game... you will lose.

The flag is worth more than any base. A side that holds two bases and the flag will score twice as many points as a side that holds only 2 bases.

Flag = almost 2 bases.

The flag must be controlled, or you must control three bases. And while you try for three bases... you gotta make sure the flag is contested. If you let the other side run the flag, and you take too long to catch that third base... you will lose.

Here's my problem. I get into EotS games, and people try for the three bases, hit a base with enough d to hold, and fall behind by 3-4oo points while the other side runs the flag while holding on to two bases by their teeth.

And if we get down to one base, and everyone goes into emergency "get another base" mode... while letting the other side cap one or two flags... autofailz.

Now, here's my problem. If you have only one base... you can last a while without getting hopelessly behind, if and only if you can keep the flag out of the hands of the other side. Just don't panic. It takes time for the other side to build a lead, especially if yuir able to run the flag a coupla times instead of just hold it.

The problem is that most peeps in BGs are undergeared idiots. You'll get too many trying to fight for control of the middle instead of for another base. You can't afford this.

But megs, love... you can't afford to let the flag fall into the other side's hands if they have 3 bases either. Two caps, and yuir dead. Yuir makin a mistake blaming the fight in the middle for failz. It just the same stupidity that leads people to sit and "defend" yuir one base, or split up and attack all three other bases instead of concentratin on one.

Here's the problem with strategy and BG's... I doan trust most of these pve fools to do more than get killed in short order. There comes a point where you realize... even if I get 10 of them to that base with only 5 defenders... we'll still lose. My team just sucks that much.

If you can't trust them to keep out of the middle when there's no point to it... you can't trust them to take another base in the face of a real defense. Yuir just screwed. And lets face it... they doan wanna attack. They wanna sit at their one base and gank that prot pally or warrior that keeps single handedly trying to take your base. Which leads us to the Code of the BGtard:

"Heh... guy must be a real idiot, huh. Imagine his repair bill after gettin killed that much! I never die in BG's, that's how I know Ima winner. It's just the rest of the team that lets me down..."

So, my problem with yuir argument. Ima mid flag guy. I'll d bases, but I obsess about the flag. And I play in BG's sometime where people would rather run past the flag to fight on the road than stop, grab it, and run it back.

Anyway Ima goin through a weird time in AV... I stopped playing D so I could follow the attackers and make sure there's at least one freaking defender in bunkers... It's almost painful sometimes. I'd love to be able to put together a recapture tower squad in these games... but can't find enough people with the balls.

Read a coupla really neat fantasy books lately.

This, which is just beautifully written. A bit slow, but stayed up all night reading it last week. I doan have higher praise. OTOH, I might be goin insane. So be warned.

And this, by one of my favorite authors. Really dark tho. Every male character, with the exception of two, is either a soul eating monster or a child rapist. Ima not sure what the hell she's tryin to get at here... oh and the two that aren't.. one is a very minor char (which will change) and the other comes to a horrible end.

BTW, ifn yuir wonderin... I like my souls with ranch dressing. Yum!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just nod if you can hear me.

K... so Melvin's lock is now his favorite character.

And he plays it like a tard.

And not in a good way. Why do I bitch about life tap? Well... if there's one damn thing I've picked up from arena, besides the fact that you're LUCKY if your warrior partner uses something as sophisticated as a reptile forebrain to make decisions...

Yeah, aside from that, I've learned how important mana management is. Now, playin a mage and a hunter, both mana classes, you know a little bit about mana management. The difference between l33t and epikfailz is timing the mana regen during boss fights.

But fer healerz, its a whole other level. DPS can afford to sit back and regen, while wanding or autoshotting. Healers... we run outta mana, and its game over, man. One problem I've been havin in Arena is the question of burning through my mana for the gib, or sittin on it (or drinking) while the Lizard King burns through rage. I get criticized for both.

Locks kinda have this problem too. On the one hand, they're dps... so they're allowed to run outta mana. On the otherhand, their spells are so mana intensive that they really,
really need to have their next life tap planned out before refreshing all dots and debuffs. Which means you can't let yourself get caught without mana and at half health while the raid healerz are too busy keepin everyone up to get you back on yuir dps.

PvP, this kinda works the same way. If you get life tap up on two or three targets... and you AIN'T gettin trained... even if your at 60-70% mana, life tap. Thats free healz, not to mention normal health regen. There's no excuse for lettin that stream of stolen life goodness go to waste.

Why am I bitching about this again? Shouldn't this be obvious to everyone playin a lock? Well... you already know this answer.

Now normally, I avoid BG's with Melvin like the plague. He's not a bad player, strategy wise... he just can't play his toon. Its not bad if he has his full season 3 toon out. But if he's spottin gear as well... its gonna be ugly.

Unfortunately, the gods of daily questin gave us AB last night. And when I got into one... Melvin was there with his lock as well. And when we got into a dust up... he steadfastly refused to life tap, even as I was healin him.

He was tryin to mana back up with drain mana.

I told him to life tap after the battle so we could rush to next stop.

Melvin: "I don't need to, it'll come back fast enough..."
Renoob: "You really are too stupid for words..."
Melvin: "Hey, don't tell me how to play a lock til you get one to 70 yourself..."

What makes me especially bitter... I played a few AB's... and won em all. (Cept the one I came in with the score ally 1800, horde 1200)
And the next two games... I hooked up with a lock that knew how to play his toon. UA lock... never let his mana drop below 30%, confident that I would keep him up. He was top dps in both games, I was top healz, allies never had a chance.

The synergy between lock and healer... is like the synergy between me and Summer Glau. It's magic baby... a precious and special thing unspeakably violated by the corrution that is Melvin. His mere existence turns dark night into bad indoor lighting. Turn locks, masters of hell, into DMV workers.

Not threatening... annoying.

So here is my manifesto, my lock cousins... TAKE BACK THE NIGHT! PURGE YUIR RANKS OF LOCKTARDS!

You doan WANNA be the huntards of WotLK.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I need this to make me whole...

The problem with having a warrior as a partner in arena...

Every so often, he has the irresistable urge to pull out his penis, scream his defiance to the uncaring universe, and do something completely stupid.

I'm not particularly talking about a single match... but, well... it gets ugly sometimes. Ima thinking about gelding him... it might make him less aggressive, but Ima tired of cleaning up the little puddles he leaves behind, and anyway, he'll live longer. (Or so the vet tells me.)

Anyway, we made it past the 1575 hump, finally. My shammy will get her bracers, and finally be more or less completely epiked out.

Because of my undying hatred of Arms and Fury, I played a particularly rude trick on him. Ozmah, who has graced our realm with her presence, needed her elite lock mount. Sugars, having already done the quest, had the expensive items required... so agreed to come and help.

Unbeknownst to the rubes, Melvin had a 70 lock without his elite lock mount. So... I invited Melvin into their group. (Sith mind tricks > Jedi mind tricks)

Sony, she of the dangerous cleavage, had several funny comments...

"What the hell is wrong with this guy?"
"We may have to kill him..."

Finally, she could take no more Melvintude, and fled in fear and disgust.

Leavin my shammy, A&F's lazer turkey and sugar da lock to shepherd Oz and Melvin through the quest.

Easy enough... but the Melvin moment of the night...

There we are... full health... watching enslaved demons kill non enslaved demons... (NO, BAD MELVIN! ENSLAVE THE ELITE!) And Melvin is castin drain life asa dps spell... with less than 10% mana but a full health bar....

You may be a locktard if...

WTF? Why are you runnin around with no mana and full health? No combat, you regen health as fast as you regen mana, freaking life tap....

Not knowin when to life tap is like a hunter not knowin how to trap... or put pet on passive.

To many times in BG's, I have to whisper locks to lifetap, I got the heal ready... I've never had a lock ask me to heal while they lifetapped...

K... so Mabd switched to herbalism... and went from 10 to 350 saturday... gettin ready fer inscription. I need another ass load of herbs to rush my mage through to 375 (and that's a A&F ass load... he's got a lot more room in there than you'd suspect, considering all the crap he pulls outta it...)

But I gotta good start. An hour or so in Swamp of Sorrows, and another in teh Plaguelands... and just do the gather quest every day, and I should be good.

Did kara with the new guild... and it looks doomed. No tanks. The guild leader is a lock with 750 spell damage, 20 affliction/41 destruction build.

But Unbound just needs 15 more badgers fer her cloak! And maybe a few more for some totems... And she healed like a messiah during the friday run. Top in healz, best in overhealing (less than 20%, Ima happy cow!)

And here's my problem. The other two healers had similar +healing, about 1650 or so unbuffed. And all they cast (priest and pally) were the 1.5 sec healz. Priest also cast renews...

Wow has become overrun with noobs. Its all gear now, not skill. Top guild raiding... maybe. But in PUG's and baby kara guilds... I've been seein the worst goddamn gameplay in my life.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

That nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could

Meh. Not much to say. After reading the tease for Mirror Image on wowinsider, I realized something.

WotLK is NOT comin out anytime soon. Any spell that damn broken... well...

Ima pretty sure Blizz is pushin 3.0 to hit as freaking soon as possible, in an effort to interrupt Warhammer.

My take... EA sucks donkey balls. I love the world of warhammer, and will probably play the game... but I doubt EA has the ability, and know for goddamn sure it lacks the integrity to sucessfully run this game. Blizzard has a hard earned reputation for quality. EA has a well deserved reputation for... something else.

Still.. lookin at whats goin on beta side, November is lookin less and less likely. 3.0 this month... less and less likely. Yeah, I saw the same WotLK crap downloaded to my browser last night... Ima not buyin it.

Anyway... A&F... you gotta homework assignment... read this guy.

"The first serious 2's team I ever ran on my resto druid was Warrior/Druid and mid Season3, we hit 1850 over the course of a few weeks, in small managable chunks. The reason for the low number of games here and there was due to the amount of rage that I would generate watching my warrior tunnel vision himself or myself to death. I don't know what it is with warriors, but your average warrior has the field vision of a toilet paper tube monocle."

Chu, I should probably warn you.. I hate people that are wittier than I am. And yeah... I spend a lotta time hatin a lotta people.

Fer the rest of you... this guy came up in discussion the other day. A quick poll of my rather well educated workers... and almost no one knew the name. Which is a shame.

Why is this relevant? Cuz I'm reading this. Really good book... but a lotta back story you gotta know to fully grasp. Powers is one of the more.. ah... literate writers I know. Considering his best is probably still The Stress of her Regard, a novel about vampires and romantic poets that DOESN'T make you feel like a poofster after reading it... And yes, the book came out well before Corpse Bride, with which it shares a plot device.

K, lastly.. a story. I've been talkin to my Baton Rouge peeps. And yeah, that's Baton Rouge, not Baton Rogue! Kissit wowsters! Anyway, this tale was just too strange...

My friend Dave V lives ina bad part of town. Now, parts of BR are still under curfew since the storm. Dave told me that the Tennessee national guard arrested two people the other day for violating curfew...

D: "And prostitution charges. They propositioned some guardsmen."

"This surprises you?"


"Again, this surprises you?"

"Not really... but them Tennessee boys doan know what to make of Plank Road..."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hand grenade pins in every line...

Regular readers of this blog know that every so often I hafta get into a flame war with Arms and Fury.

Dogs gotta bark, birds gotta sing... and I gotta yell FLAME ON!

Let me begin by pointing out that he is singlehandedly responsible for the worst Kara pugs I've ever been in.

Last week was a shining example. The old guild broke. Unbound is in a new guild, and Mabd and Maj are guildless.

The new guild tried to do Gruul's... and failed. A waste of 2 hours of my time.

Then A&F calls and asks if I'll heal Kara. Sure... I needs me some badgers fer a healing cloak.

Fight attumen. A&F decides to beat on midnight, instead of waiting fer attumen like a good little main tank. So when At spawns, down goes the other healer and Unbound gets to heal the entire fight.

We hada good paid of tanks... but the dps was miserable. 2 mages that couldn't dps their way outta paper bag, a hunter that couldn't trap, a priest that couldn't shackle....

3 wipes on Moroes later, the group breaks. A&F makes a snarky comment about one of the mages bein as bad as Melvin.

A&F does not understand the perversion of the natural order that is Melvin. The mage in question had barely 7k life, raid buffed. Ima sure her build was crap, and her gear was mispicked. Cmon... this is par for the course. Anyone can suck with bad gear and total ignorance.

Melvin's genius is that he can COMPLZFAILZ with GM level gear and 2 years of playing experience.

The difference was rammed home to A&F when he was asked to DPS fer Melvin and Company in Heroic MgT. Fer the last fight.

See... I gotta message from Melvin's bro... asking if I knew how to beat the second boss. They lost a dps due to excessive wipes. I said sure, logged out, looked up the fight, logged back in, and was told they found another dps, not to bother.

The new dps evidently bailed on them after a few wipes on last boss. So they asked A&F. Then booted him after four wipes because, in the words of Melvin, they needed ranged, not melee, dps.

A&F was quite perturbed, especially since he felt they needed someone who could kill the g*damned bird. Since Melvin's mage wasnt up to the task.

Anyway... thats Melvin. 12-15 wipes and still tryin the instance.

And thats A&F... still groupin with Melvin after all this time.

So now... the story A&F doan want me to tell.

We STILL havin problems in arena. My problem... A&F needs my shammy to keep herself alive, keep him alive, earth shock incoming heals, and help him DPS.

What does A&F have to do in these matches? Well, kinda just beat things with his mace.

I'm havin problems with the multitasking. The problem is... we're winning these damn long games. A&F wants them to be shorter. I kinda feel that shorter just means me dying faster.

We're havin problems with pets. Kill the huinter pet, game over for other side. Even if the hunter summons again... it comes back at half life and at reduced damage. And the hunter blows a massive chuck of mana while I getta chance to drink. A&F can't figure out how to catch the pet outta LOS of the healer, mostly because I'm always movin.

Vent would help a lot. I don't know why we're not usin it.

A&F accuses me, probably correctly, of kite vision. Vent would help coordinate a burn... but then he'll say something like.. I got two crits in a row! Why didnt you turn around and help me finish him?

Against lock/healer teams... yeah... me keepin an ES on healer would help. But we win these games naturally. It just takes time. The only thing that could really go wrong is for me to get chain feared/stunned and someone dying.

Then he compains about not being at full health when I die. My fault for not keepin Lifebloom and Renew on my action bar, I suppose. Or my choosin to try and fail to heal myself, rather than him, when *I'm* the one bein focused.

Mage/rogue is still bad. We ran into a BM Hunter/Rogue team that played the same, and they killed me in 7 seconds. I keep tellin A&F that it's suicide for me to stand in the open against a hunter... and hence I really cant help him dps them. He really seems morally opposed to playing the out of mana game strat. Its killing me.

Anyway... the story. We're fighting a mage/s priest. And I kite like a god. I keep em from catching me, locking me, and killing me for about 4 minutes. (I used trinket and NS twice.) But finally... I get frost nova'd... silenced, counterspelled, and killed.

Right after this, A&F finally kills the mage. The S Priest, outta mana, mounts up and flees to drink. A&F is at 40%.

Me: "Bandage!"
Him: "Shut up!"

He stands behind a pillar... I watch the priest's mana bar fill. I have no idea what A&F is doin. Then... after a pause... a casting bar...

"Crafting: Heavy Netherweave Bandage"
"First Aid"
Then the priest comes back and kills him.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hello, I am the lie...

Again.. burnin out... hard to post...

I think Arms and Fury got eaten by mutant zombies that the hurricane woke up. So, if you have a moment, when you pray... plz remember the poor zombies.

Derek came to visit over the weekend. You remember him... the psycho homeless guy that drinks all my orange juice... he came by to pick up his mail. See... even though I told him not to, he's been applying for aid and usin my address.... dammit...

So he shows up, wearing slacks... and they're pulled almost to his chest. Like real life urkel. Except...

"Derek, why can I see your underwear?"

"Oh, that's because I tuck my shirt in underneath them..."

"Derek, why can I see your underwear, PEEKING OVER YOUR PANTS?"

"I have to wear them this way! Otherwise, people can see a crease!"

Its like he gave himself a wedgie. His underwear was almost to his neck. I really don't freaking drink enough...

So what does one do to forget the horror? Thats right, I did a little healing for Melvin's brother.

Now.. Melvin's brother, Magebert, recently leveled his 5th char to 70. He now has a mage, priest, pally, hunter... and now a druid.

Its partly a response to how useless Melvin's druid is. Magebert is goin nuts knowin how OP resto druids are... and Melvin refuses to play a healer. Part of this is that Melvin refuses to be useful. Or pay attention to what other people do... which healers have to do.

Anyway, Magebert hasa feral druid grinding honor to buy resto gear. And he asked me to heal a group for the Karyeku quest... (the last in the chain to unlock netherwing... killin Zuluhed the Whacked...)

So... Magebert was gonna tank. In bear form... he has 12k life... barely more than my shammy. We got Arm, the world's worst warrior. At least now. He used to be the world's second worst warrior, but Pogar, the holder of first place, deleted his chars and dropped the account.

So... we do the first time with a proficient lock, an idiot rogue, arm (who has 14k life and all glad gear), Magebert's feral druid tanking, and unbound healing.

Kick ass, take names. Cept that the idiot rogue never picked up the quest, and we have to do again. The lock, who gotta complete, immediately drops the party.

K... 4 man.. we can do this. Rogue starts it... and arm grabs zulu and fights in the courtyard, takin tons of damage from the npc archers. Stays there till he dies. I made the mistake of healing him through the fight... so I was outta mana in short order.

Now... what the hell is it with people that cannot even monkey? I mean... you see how it is done the first time, and you can't even ape it the next time? Magebert explains the fight... AGAIN... to arm. We do a third time, rogue gets the done.

One nice thing... when the adds spawned... they ignored me, cuz of my netherwing rep. No healerz aggro FTW! But still... I can't help thinking that this level of stupidity might somehow be contagious. Should I be worried?