Friday, February 29, 2008

Look in... to the eye of the storm...

First a little linkage for the Herk.

Review of D&D 4E.

Relevant passage... "With class abilities that begin with phrases like 'Once per day, when you die…'"

Second... Herk hadda bad BG night last night. I think he lost 5 EotS in a row before giving up in disgust. I was with him for 3... EotS record WITH Herk... 0-3. Without him... 2-0. I think he just pulls the worst players into the match with him...

Which lead to one of my pet peeves. Yeah, I know, like Ima not just a big bundle of friggin nerves anyway... but something set me off even more than life in general...

We hop into a match vs a premade. Now this is game 5... Herk is gone. He's in the BG version of /follow mode. If this was real life, he'd be sitting in a hut somewhere in BFE, surrounded by cannibals who think hesa god, playing with a stack of severed hands and muttering under his breath, "the horror! the horror!"

Instead, hesa just not doin much thinking. So, against a premade, big zerg on against the horde start area, Fel Reaver and Blood Elf. Which means the Ally area is denuded. So smart players really, really, really should be rushing middle and spreading out to Mage Tower and Draenei Ruins.

And there we were, majeure and herk's druid, alone in the middle. So i stop to cap flag... what the hell... as Melvin pointed out in one of his few cogent points... why the hell NOT go after flag first? Its free points...

I whisper Herk... MT. (Cuz I see only one ally there...) We head out... and remember... Herk is friggin gone. I mean it. What's he doin at this point? Lagging BEHIND the flag carrier (me) as I head into enemy occupied territory... so I whisper him to take point...

We get to MT, and only a warrior guarding... so I nail him witha frost bolt. Frostbite procs... and so does my spellstrike bonus... excellent! Time fera bolt/lance shatter combo for 6k damage! Cast em... and right before they hit, the warrior gets cycloned.

K... druids... I know cyclone is WTFPWBBBQ OP. But fer the love of god... stop freaking spamming it in BG's. Especially on targets that are getting nuked. Too damn many times, my killing burst target gets six seconds of invulnerability from a damn druid too stupid to see the bigger picture.

I dunno. Itsa form of bloodlust. I just hate having to wait cuz some furry fetish freak lost their heads. Anyway, Herk and I take the tower, wait for reinforcements that doan show, and lose the game in short order.

Last... you are all on goddamn warning. Next lunatic that starts spamming EotS with "no flag till we take three bases..." well... you've all seen Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I've got the money to hunt you bastards down... and then comes the sweet sweet beatdown. This goes for the fools that claim Arathi Basin comes down to possession of a specific set of bases... "We'll never win without LM!" I swear to god, my new brass knucks are just for YOU.

To reiterate... basic BG theory. Take what they give you. In EotS, if they give you three bases, fine. They give you two bases and flag... also good. Art of War, people...

The army's formation is like water.

The water's formation avoids the high and rushes to the low.

So an army's formation avoids the strong and rushes to the weak.

Water's formation adapts to the ground when flowing.

So then an army's formation adapts to the enemy to achieve victory.

Therefore, an army does not have constant force, or have constant formation.

Those who are able to adapt and change in accord with the enemy and achieve victory are called divine.

And let's hope Herk is back to reality this weekend. I gotta get some stuff done.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The sweetest price you'll have to pay...

The day the whole world went away...

Was reading poor QQ. I feel ya, brother... even with my deep ice spec, Majeure is kinda third right now in favorite level 70 to play. She rocks in pve, doan get me wrong, but... well... all my chars rock in pve.

I dunno. I really think that there is a simple lock nerf out there, and that nerf should be letting bandage work through a dot, and giving a quest of some sort to let bandage remove dots.

Melvin is having WAY too much fun with his lock. "Someone will ride by, I'll load him up with dots, then watch as he rides off to the sunset, giving me an HK 18 secs later..."

But the problem really isn't locks... they had their own problems, and Ima glad to see em functioning... back in the day, they were as rare as shammies are now...

The prob is, mages didn't scale right into TBC. As QQ pointed out in an earlier post... mage pvp abilities like spellsteal and blink really cost way too damn much mana... you go OOM rapidly, and with the proliferation of high sta, high resil pvp'ers... you might as well try to solo Doom Walker as soon as take on yuir modern arena player....

The strengths of mages have been overlooked, however. Personally, I benefit from dealing with Melvin. Melvin will whine, "I POM pyro'ed him and he's still alive! What the hell!" and I'll realize how silly it all is. Mages are still, bar none, the best burst dps class. Even with uber resil, etc, proper teamwork can help a mage bring down anything in short order. Mages are also the best control class, with more snares and cc than anything else. Fear is way too easily evaded. And my shammy has seen what happens to locks that get cornered... "Mmmm.... tastes like evil chicken!"

Ima really excited by leaked blizzard changes... reduced mana cost for blink, slow, and spell steal will go a long way. The proposed changes to molten armor, allowing damage and stuns on casters and ranged attacks, will help quite a bit as well.

Still, mages are on the decline right now... i was in an AV where the horde side didn't have a single mage. Tons of useless locks, but no mage...

Not that it really matters... mages are still wildly popular for 5 man runs :) So maj will never lack for friends...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If you could see the you that I see, when I see you see me...

You would see yourself so differently, believe me!

So another lunch with melvin. Mmmm... bleu cheese bacon burger.

Melvin on tanking... "I'll just tell them to stay below me on the threat meter... if they pull aggro, they deserve to die."

Team Melvin went 6-4 last week in the 5s bracket. Since we were starting out at 1250, we ended up 70 points, since every loss dropped us 7, and wins netted us 20.

Our first match was a loss against 2 resto shammies, rogue, hunter and feral druid.

Afterwards, Melvin posted... "They had 2 healers and we had none. Bottom line."

We then went on to beat that team 5 games straight with our healerless 5 man team. After each win I'd post something like... "That hunter went down faster than Paris Hilton on a first date. Bottom line." Melvin got seriously annoyed, so I count it as another personal victory.

The truly frightening thing about Melvin is that there is absolutely no mystery to how his mind thinks... he is more than inclined to tell you whatever theory he has.

"You can't take prince with more than one tank."
"You can't take moroes with less than three priests."
"Druids are the worst pvp class."

Today's gem... we were passing a little lottery kiosk. Long line. Melvin starts musing about the line, since the jackpot is kinda low... I mention all the press about the latest uber winners... and Melvin notes that the recent winners were exceptional in that they bought "only" two tickets.

According to Melvin, you really need to buy five or more to have any realistic chance of winning.

Anyway, I spent lunch explaining to him how he exhibits all the classical signs of beta maleness.

As fer me and Herk. Really... we rag on each other. It works for us. I need to be goaded into getting offa my lazy ass and playing, and he needs to be slapped back into focus every so often. All symbiotic like.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I want to be somebody- you were like that too.

If you don't get given you learn to take. And I will take you.

So I ran Shadow Labs with Herk's butt-ugly Druid. Earlier, he, I and our friend's lock had done some remedial level 70 crap. Get the key to shat labs, kill uvuoulososo, whatever.

I drop the earth elemental, and let Herk heal. Elemental dies. Sigh. Itsa miscommunication thing, I think. I say, heal the elemental, he thinks... "heal the shaman!"

I pull the fel reaver with a weak lightning bolt (for the shat hall key quest) and take a hit or two while waiting for the elemental can get aggro. So for a sec I got aggro. No problem... I can heal myself, and elemental will get aggro offa me soon enough. Herk sees me taking damage, starts healing me, doesn't get heal off on elemental fast enough after aggro shifts, elemental goes down. This happens twice. Both times, herk switches to healing me. No biggie... as I said, miscommunication...

BTW.. we wiped the first fel reaver try after a surprise crit killed my shammy... Herk let me get too low in the eternal healer "I doan wanna waste a healing crit!" foolishness. Second time I called Melvin's mage in, and we waxed the fel reaver, tho Melvin bit it. Melvin complained that I didn't have Omen up, and so he pulled aggro around 30% and bit the dirt tamale. I pointed out that mages have had a neat ability called ice block for about 2 months, and that he neglected to use it...

Anyway... my initial impressions of Herk's healing. He knows the advanced stuff, but not the basics. Hesa outthinker. First task in an uncertain situation with off spec tank... don't cut it close.

Then we do Shadow Labs. Late saturday night, so late I was planning on just freaking logging. But Herk gets lonely online at night... and wanted to get his druid the first key part. No problem. I go with Majeure. We getta warrior tank, rogue and shammy to fill out party, and gtg.

Show up at summon stone, and alliance is bein bitchy again. One of the midrange instance groups is ganking, and then our party shows up and waxes em. Herk is all but unkillable, and maj is just freaking pain for 5 level 65ish allies to deal with.

So... first impressions. Warrior comes over, looks at Herk's druid and says "Your balance! What the hell?" Herk soothes em with the magic formula... "I gotta +1k bonus heals... you're gonna be fine."

Rogue is level 69. Sigh. O.K. gear but still...

And L70 shammy is enhance. And his gear is crap. I mean, friggin CRAP. I aint joking. I've bitched about crappy or badly chosen hunter gear.... this guy was pathetic. No +spirit crap, thank god, but way too much friggin agility, and not enough +str. AND he was wearing a level 35 ring and the level 44ish agil ring you get offa the ZF main quest. This is the first time I've seen a level 70 in level 35 gear. It was so bad the warrior called him out on it...

A note on that... when warrior bitched about Herk's build, Herk /w me a snide little comment. Ima sorry, but i've had enough shit runs that I think a warrior checking gear isa awesome sign.

K.. enhance shammy then decides he has somewhere else to be. We replace him with an elemental shammy. Again... night of the living dead shammies. This guy was pretty lame. The 69 rogue ended up beating him on damage meters... sigh. Not by much, but still. My problem... I was tired, and not into the teaching n00bs mood. So I didn't point out that the windfury totem he put up clashed with the flametongue totem he ALSO put up.

I think I spoke to him twice in the run. On first boss..

"Shammy, heal!"
"That's O.K., I'm fine, back to full health!"
"No, heal the tank, druid is OOM..."

And just after, when he got jumped by one of those stealthed assassins... he had a terminal case of "keep blasting even after you pull aggroitus." I see the assassin, rest of party is outta range for at least a few seconds, so I run up and frost nova the assassin. The shammy just stays there, right next to him, casting bolts and takin damage...


K... so the point of all this? Aside from Maj, no one is particularly well geared. At least one of the party is a c- grade fool. Healer is off spec. Other dps is underlevel. Tank was proficient, but a little slow... I'd do a sheep pull, run the three melee mobs right by him, and he had probs establishing aggro on all three... (hint, charge and either demoral shout or thunderclap...) aside from that little bitch fest, he was pretty good on single targets... when the idiot shammy wasn't struck with sudden "attack the mob the tank ain't onitus."

And we ran the instance without a single death. Tank did well, Herk healed like a pro (I think he saves his best work for healing warriors... and just hates elementals...). Only bad healing spot came on first boss, where Herk got down to 3% mana when we had boss near death... see above... and BTW... if you an off healer... friggin watch the healer's mana so you can take over when you need to. A shame it fell on the mage to notice this crap... anyway, Herk potted and finished the job.

So really.. it doesn't take much for a decent PUG group. Not really good gear, not uber players... just keep to the basics... I had a lotta faith in the tank, almost as much in the healer, but still woulda doubted a zero group repair bill at the end... a greatly pleasant surprise.

A Melvin note. Melvin now has a level 62ish druid. He wanted a druid so he'd have a tank. I asked him if he'd done Ramparts or BF... he said no... he's feral spec, but didn't put anything in the tanking talents... he'll start tanking when he turns 70... cuz its not like he's gonna need any practice beforehand...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Conversations kill...

Lets dump some old screenshots... this, BTW, is what a typical Horde BG looks like at the start...

Mabd's first Shade kill. Cuz, you know, she could.

Dog: Does someone have food?

Evidently, in all this time, noone bothered telling Thrall he had kin in outland. Thankfully, Unbound told him about the granny living in the trailer, down by the river...

K.. for the record... 4/5 season 3 (season 1 shoulders...) season 3 axe, season 2 xbow.

Yeah, this is what death looks like.

Majeure is finally freed of Blizzards puritanical morality! No more underwear! Time to do the mailbox dance the way it was meant to be done! And I really like those shoulders.... the broken chain, symbolizing the futility of trying to contain Majeure's lethal spirit!

...Oh yeah, that's Herk's ugly druid in the foreground... he really should be on his knees begging for his life... Ima too kind some times...

And last... that there is 3-5 motes of air... and damned if I can figure out how my shammy would be able to get at them....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Black, white, green, red, can I take my friend to bed...

Wow... three day weekend, and AV has kinda returned to what it was...
I even lost a few to good Alliance teams.

Did some EotS... and was reduced to yelling in chat...

"Would you people PLEASE reroll alliance!"

One game... we were up by 30... 2 bases each, and alliance was holding the flag to cap at the end.

So we go and force the cap. And then the mother of all fights breaks out in midfield. Horde wins, Belf Pally grabs flag...

And then runs the wrong direction... straight to the side with the two ally bases. Straight at the oncoming rez zerg.

We lose. Goddamn I'm still mad.

Lost an AV, allies had 6 reinforcements when they capped the last tower...

Got about 12k honor between my three toons. Maybe more. I had a moment of weakness and bought the season one 1h axe for unbound. My buyer's regret was short lived tho... Did durnhold with a prot warrior, arms warrior, sword rogue, holy pall and unbound, the enhance shammy.

My lord, strength of earth and windfury totems will cut a swath through mobs. And I got a 1500 wf crit on a mob. Me with battleshout and on five sunders, but still... big crit number gasm resulted.

BTW... I loves bloodlust. The end battle was over before it began. I really doan know why shammies aren't more highly sought for 5 mans. /sigh

So anyway... Melvin keeps suggesting I join his guild. Itsa Kara guild right now, maybe even ZA. Not enough for the 25 mans after its recent schism. My problem... I ran Mabd with em through end Kara a coupla times... with two guild leaders... and neither of em even suggested I join. Maybe I just sucked...

Melvin thinks Ima being too sensitive. A frikkin epic-ed out dps, and they doan even try to recruit? I dunno... what do you guys think?

Oh yeah, team melvin went 1-9, and is now around 1240. My 2v2 went 5-5... partner had flu this weekend :(
But still wanted to get arena in :)
We were a bit off and lost games we really shouldn't have. We'll do better next week, especially since I get my last glad piece tonight :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Of all of the people in the world

Why should I love you?

Happy belated V-Day to the crew.

I gotta smack my aunt around. I gotta call yesterday... my beloved grandmother's birthday is today, the 15th. So I get a call yesterday from my aunt at 8:45 in the morning. I missed the call, and Auntie L left a message.

Now... the setup.

I'm in virginia. EST.

Auntie L lives near KB (the beloved grandmother)... deep in the heart of texas as they say... in teh CST zone. So my aunt is calling me at 7:45 her time.

I pick up the phone, see the missed call, do the math and think, OMFG, Grannies dead! Cuz, you know, KB is 82 today, and has had some problems... none recently, but at that age, we all worry...

Nope. Aunt L bought KB a present for all of us and was calling to tell us what it was so when we talk to KB we wouldn't be out of the loop.

And Aunt L had to call and tell us this at 7:45 in the morning, her time.


Anyway, happy V-Day to BRK. You've inspired me to try to get that jump shot down!

Happy V-Day to Herk and Sony. Tho I have no idea why he was on last night to the neglect of his little sexpot.

Happy V-Day to Rats. Who seems to have WAY too much fun dressing up his chars. BTW, get that sexy black dress yet?

Happy V-Day to Shifty. You've given up on blogging, haven't you?

Happy V-Day to Megs. I'd offer you my heart, but I'm not sure that a warlock would understand the non-literal nature of the deal....

Happy V-Day to Sonvar. Leaving a comment for a hobby blog is like tagging the tip jar for a pay site. Makes us feel appreciated...

And last, Happy V-Day to Snookums. I swear to god we'll do that anime night sooner or later. (You gotta understand... she's got HUGE tracts of... um... anime....)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You're breaking my heart... you're shaking my confidence daily...

I wasn't feeling well this weekend. Weird medicine reaction.

So... I decided to try Shadow Labs with Majeure. Maj, btw, is definately Kara ready, she just needs the attunment. Should be easy to knock out in a weekend. Anyway, I grabbed the SL daily quest and got into a group.

Prot pally, holy pally, rogue, dest lock and maj.

We got as far as blackheart, wiped twice and that was it. The prot pally was miserable. First the rogue pulled aggro, then the lock (lock died 5 times). Maj pulled aggro a coupla times... and you people need to understand...

For someone who has never played a tank... I understand aggro. I try my damn best not to pull aggro. Most of the time, I doan use omen... I started running instances way before it, and if you pay attention to what you're doin, you really shouldn't need it. And it helps to run stuff without it, since so many n00bs have never heard of it. Becoming dependent upon addons isa bad move... just in case.

For example... Oh! Double crit! time to take a quick break!

In raiding, you need omen, cuz the damage flashes on the mob too fast to keep track of your relative place. Omen is a must. On 5 mans... not so much.

Quick diversion. Was doin Nightbane.. and the raid was trying to teach the tank how to stance dance. (He wasa quick study, but it was still kinda harrowing) Anyway... here was the original idea... the raid leader calls the mass fear, the tank shifts to fear immune. The prob.. we were usin deadly boss mods, and it aint been workin right. Finally, the tank says.. "look, I can see the bellowing roar (Nightbane's mass fear spell)... Just let me do it my self. All this shouting at me just screws up my timing."

Doan get to dependent on addons people. Just saying.

Anyway, so im in a group... and ALL THREE DPS has pulled aggro. So I check the pally's talent build....

He has 44 points in protect, but is 0/3 in imp righteous fury.

"Er... dude... you doan have imp righteous fury? Why not?"

"Oh, I doan need it yet!"

Now, the problem with pally tanks...

Ifn you with a warrior... you can see the aggro generating debuffs. ("Doan attack until you see the white of their eyes! And at least two sunders!) Ifn you with a pally.. not so much. Time to turn on Omen and hope he has it... nope. See... pallies generate aggro like druids do... with damage. The difference is that druids generate aggro straight up. Bear form plus feral talents create a modifier, so that one point of fang and claw damage counts more than 2 or three points of mage burning yo mob ass off damage.

Pallies doan get the straight up crap. Pally aggro is generated via HOLY damage. Righteous fury is a buff they cast that magnifies threat generated via holy damage. Think of it as the bear form or defense stance pally equivalent. (I think it also reduces damage taken) So pally tanks need to max holy damage... and threat offa holy damage. Which is where imp righteous fury comes from.

K... imp righteous fury is a damn must. You might not NEED it. You doan NEED epic items for 90% of WoW content. They just really nice to have. There is no such thing as too much health, too much damage, or, fora tank, too much aggro. Only the heir to the throne of the emperor of all n00bs would think otherwise.

I had the honor of running SLs with his highness :(

One note on the blackheart fight asa frost mage. (And shade fight asa mage...) I went in with a nice little strat. When blackheart yells... time for some fun!... i block. And avoid most of the stupidity. You kin block twice, and pray that he doan burn evoke... and you'll survive it. It really shouldnt take more than 3 possessions to get him down.

Of course the pally tank managed to avoid aggro long enough to force me to burn my ice block at a bad time. (after the damn lock went down. two wipes, mage was last standing both times...)

Ice block is also a nice break for shade after the polymorph and before the pyroblast. Between ice barrer and frost ward, a frost mage is a potent member of a shade fight.

K.. one more note... as I noted, I really didn't feel well this past weekend. Mabd the despoiler did a ton of 2v2 with my new partner. Did 3v3 with maj and unbound. So i got my points in for the week. I getta call from Melvin last night. "Get on! We need to do 5v5!"

"Er... guy... you got your points offa 3v3, I got my points offa 3v3, whats the rush?"

"This is 5v5! We'll get more points!"

"um... the 3v3 is 1400. The 5v5 team is 1350. Itsa same points anyway."

"Just get on!"

So I log... and see Herk! Woot! He needs points for his warrior and druid, and I really didn't wanna play... so I get Melvin to sub Herk and his druid in, and I bug.

Next week... gonna be the same. Ima gonna try to get Herk into regular arena point farming. First, he'll get the gear to become competitive. Second, enough time to Melvin and crew, and he'll appreciate me more... Either way my exposure to the Melvin/Herk arena madness will be limited.

Well, that's the plan.

Damn I wanna find a sub rogue to hang with Maj now.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I want to be somebody... you were like that too...

So I was hanging in TB, doin arena 2v2... I finally got a good partner, and after the first 20 games (which went 10-10) he settled down and we won 5 straight. Then we had to pass out from exhaustion. More on that later...

Saw Cit here, with Nibbles! So damn cute. I asked him, and he said Nibbles was really the only pet he'd ever had. Cit is level 65, and his gear is quite expertly chosen. Go orc hunters! Crabbies are so much better than some smelly pig! I also saw a horde hunter with a level 70 ghost wolfie! I've seen a coupla spectral wolves on the server, but that was the first one I'd seen fully leveled...

Had a visit from Megs. My first impression was fear. Did that lazy dwarf finally farm enough gold to hire a professional to cap me? But no... she was just paying a visit, looking around at the mediocrity that is BG Shadowburn. She even had the good taste to pose as an orc hunter!

I really enjoyed the conversation, even tho I was knee deep in arena with Melvin and company... /sigh. Ima gonna go out on a limb here... is there really a difference between running Kara for badges and running arena for points? It still takes a coupla months to get a goddamn thing.

Anyway, I enjoyed meeting megs and not dying horribly. Of course, I now have to change the locks and traps at the old hiding place, just in case she visits again and is less... er... disinterested in my relative lack of gushing wounds. Not that traps would stop her, but it would be disrespectful not to have a few out...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

This prison has now become your home

Herk is up to his old tricks... talkin bout tanking.

K... now the other side.

There comes a time, young padawans... when, as a dps, you gotta step up.

Maybe itsa stupid tank. Maybe itsa bad pull. Mybe its just fate... screwing with you.

Herk's a good tank. Mebbe even a great one. But even tanks have problems. And in every group... you gonna need a backup plan. If ya get too much pain on on the tank...

If ya a hunter... trap one, pet tank one, and ranged duel another.

If ya a mage... aoe pull em, frost snare, and kite like its the chinese new year.

If ya a dps shammy... time to drop defense totems, summon an elemental and start offhealing what the healer can't... or put on the shield, frost shock a mob, and off tank that mob that went after the squishy... keepin yourself healed in the process....

One reason to despise so many dps these days... is that they really have no clue how to dps, nor what to do when more than dps is called for. It's in times of stress that you find the good players...

The lock that pulls that extra mob down the hall, only to come back aggroless and with a fatter demon...

The hunter that handles two extra mobs while burning down skull with the party...

The holy pal that drops everything and aoe aggro pulls when the tank goes down...

The rogue that pulls that mob offa the healer and pops evasion, doin the ultimate dance of death....

The Boomkin that swaps in earthwarden and gets medieval on something trying to eat a squishy...

And the mage that pulls 4 and kites em to the entrance and back, givin the party time to recover...

Asa dps, you gotta keep an eye on everything... is the healer keepin the tank up? Is he losing ground? God and tanks hate rogues that doan know when to stun and when not to... but a timely blind on one mob, and a stun on another might help that healer keep the tank alive...

And there comes a damn time when you gotta step up to the plate and pull a little damage offa the tank. He might not understand it, but the healer probably will.

It helps a ton to know class vs mob strengths... a rogue or shammy can pwn a caster mob with minimal heals. A mage, with proper elemental warding and shielding can do the same.

We all have a moment of glory story in instance running. My favorite is back in the days when I was running a gnome frost mage in scholomance... back in the bad old days of tier 0. (This was just after MC opened, so there really wasn't much tier this or tier that...)

Thersa pull at the end. Big old skeleton casters that spam frost nova and an aoe shadow damage effect. You pull 2-3, you o.k. You pull more, itsa wipe.

Now this was back in the days of 10 man scholo. You really had to have been there. Anyway, I went in with a group. And they pulled 6. Before ya know it, we down to 6 peeps, and the wipe is on.

But then my noble Remorse stepped up. Frost nova... CoC... pulled 5 after me, and up the stairs, kiting those bastards around the room while my peeps killed number 6. Jump offa the balcony... the 5 come back, group pulls one, and I kite 4 back up. Blizzard, frost nova, blink. Jump back down.

We lived. No wipe. All cuzza truly 1337 kiting skills.

What am I saying? Well.. mostly that tanks are egomaniacs. They can't stand it when mobs pay more attention to other toons than to themselves. But sometimes... just sometimes... that's the way it's gotta be.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Enough poetry for a while...

Feel free to check out the long version. It's one of my favorites.

K... so Blueragebar is pretty much dead. Herk specced prot then stopped playing in favor of that butt-ugly druid.

Unbound is now 70... and really.. anyone know a good sig generator thats working right now? I need to update...

Mabd is pretty close to bein all season 3'ed out (minus shoulders and weapon). A shame I haven't been able to run with a good team... sigh. Back to running with Melvin's 5v5... fun quote...

"They had 2 paladins! Thats like having two additional people!"

For some reason, Melvin is very impressed by pally healing, and very dismissive of druid healing. I swear to god I have no idea what goes on in his head. It's only taken a month, but he finally swears by ice block. When it first came out... "what good is it? they're just gonna be waiting for you when you get out!"

AND... majeure is now 61 points into frost. Not sure how long before I go 17/0/44, but its kinda fun to have all the bells and whistles. BG's are a lot more fun now. One AB, Maj went up against 4 allies at the mine... and thanks to a horde reinforcement, managed to kill em all. It's really pathetic the gearing level of some of those 70's. Oh BTW, I finally have a damn answer to a question I asked some time ago... My water elemental has less than 4k health. For god's sake, they're now a first target for mabd, and should be for everyone. Over the weekend, I'll check out the relationship between mage stats and elemental stats... Maj went from 850 spell power to 700 spell power, but gained 100 resil (now at about 177) and almost 1k health.

Oh, and if ya didn't know... frost is NASTY. I was soloing elites in netherstorm like it weren't no thing. Till I ran into the one that couldnt be frozen :( But with the pet, the shield, and that ridiculous damage... good lord almighty.

Speaking of which, with Unbound now 70, the horror has begun. There's no real point to staying Enhance... which leads to the question, resto or ele? I'd prefer Resto, but either way, I gotta choose soon, cuz I'm gonna start having either/or gearing choices. Of course I could just go resto and run instances till my eyes bleed. That should get me a ton of gear...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.

Damn... a nekkid supermodel hittin on you when you 16...

I can't top that. I can't even come close.

I got a drunk Britney Spears story, but lets face it... everyone has one of those...


Here's my best shot...

I was working at the store one night when 2 really tall black dudes came in...

Now... Ima not short. Ima 6'3ish. But one of these guys was easily my height, and the other was 6'6 to 7'...

It was hard to tell cuz of the high heels both were wearing.

Not kidding. Both of em were in drag, make up, etc. The really tall one winked at me while rolling his (her?) hips ina most disturbing fashion as they both headed to the back of the store and the frozen food section.

Did I mention the 3AM shadow?


So they get back there and begin stuffing pizza rolls down their... well, wherever a pizza roll could fit.

They they come back, and walk out of the store.

And my only thought.... I aint touching those rolls, and cannot in good conscience sell them to another human being... Ima just gonna keep my mouth shut. Except for the dropped jaw bit.

Friday, February 1, 2008

And, nothing himself, beholds

Oh yeah, the Kara run was still a blast. After all buffs, I was over 40% crit.

I had to autoshot my way through most of the trash to avoid aggro.


And this... is a good thing.

Shade and Chess were a blast. Although I really have to pay more attention to where Melvin is during the shade fight... he's like a cockroach, with his unerring sense of direction towards safety...