Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Those people that smile a lot... watch the eyes

So... after spending 9 hours in Naxx 10 with my shammy and the guild alt run (any of melvin's characters should be considered alts..)

I ran Naxx 10 with my mage for 9 hours with a guild that I was once (but no longer) considering joining.

If your healers can't handle KT's ice cubes... your guild aint goin nowhere.

Also ran the mage in a midnight to 6 am naxx 25 man run. Four resto shammies, none of whom knew how to FREAKING HEAL. Half the party was dead at the end of loatheb. We couldn't do Patchwerk. We couldn't do Rasuvious. One of the most disgusting females I've ever had the horror of being stuck in vent with played a shadow priest with a level of incompentence that would shock even Melvin.

I'm not kidding... I muted her in vent about 15 min in. All during the run she kept "recruiting" in general Naxx chat for a fictional ERP Guild named "The Brown Eye." AND she was last in dps (1100... and she's been 80 for months). AND she couldn't handle the adds in the Rasuvious fight... I mean, we really shoulda known when she started bragging about the guilds that would no longer pug her for their naxx 25 runs.

Last... a more or less unbelievable Melvin story. Magebert has decided to spec his druid fer tanking. And has problems understanding the role swipe plays... anyway, magebert and melvin decided to do H Gundrak. Melvin brought Fleabag (thats my pet name for his feral druid.)

So, I'm hanging in guild chat with a coupla friends, and the following flashes...

Fleabag has achieved Heroic Gundrak
Fleabag has achieved What the Eck!
Fleabag has achieved Share the Love

In case you don't know... that last achievement comes off the final boss in Gundrak... he has this horrific attack called impale... you get the achieve with everyone in the party getting impaled... A good run will down him with only one impale. A medicore run with 2.

How did they get the achieve? Magebert and Melvin pullin less than 1k dps each. I /w the healer and just got cursed at. (Holy pal... Melvin said "He never ran outta mana!") 7 impales if not more, Magebert is kinda not the best at keepin track of these things.

So I hop into vent with the guildies... and have to explain that Melvin really wasn't TRYING for that achievement. He just got it... naturally...

That's when I found out that Melvin came close to being kicked out of a previous guild after he used Fleabag to tank for some of that guild's officers...


Stupid Mage said...

Dear Melvin,

I'd very thankful if you would share your spec/Armory with us. I'm having trouble breaking 1k dps so your help would be appreciated.

Stupid Mage said...

Whoops, forgot to add a request for spell rotation tips =)

Dorgol said...

"So I hop into vent with the guildies... and have to explain that Melvin really wasn't TRYING for that achievement. He just got it... naturally..."

That's absolutely hilarious. And sadly completely incomprehensible to the non-WoW player. :)

Dagashai said...

Stupid mage...

Right now he is using the cookie cutter "nuttin but scorch" build. You know the one... so his spell rot goes like this...

/scratch ass
/intentionally misdance heigen
/afk fer some munchies while rest of guild kills boss

Stupid Mage said...

You can't really be serious...?


I honestly do want to get Melvin's thoughts on things but lied a bit about not being able to break 1k dps. I can do it but I'm not 80 yet.

Anonymous said...

"Melvin really wasn't TRYING for that achievement. He just got it... naturally."
I flew over Wintergrasp by mistake on the way to another zone and received the Wintergrasp Victory less than 3 seconds upon parchuting dowm.

Everyone in the guild was laughing after I told them what happened.