Friday, November 14, 2008

The next voice you hear will be your own...

Sorry again fer not postin... I've been, um, indisposed.

Runnin Unbound through northrend first. Doin this post durin a 50 min queue. Unbound is 72, and doin quite well as elemental.

I respecced Mabd as BM. That lasted all of 5 mins, now I'm back to a Surv/MM hybrid. The end plan is to go MM til Master Marksman, and Surv till Lightning Reflexes. Might just only go 4/5 in Master MM to pick up wyvern's sting in surv.

I mean... the buffs are just amazing with this. It picks up every +crit and +rap talent, as well as Aimed shot, scatter shot, wyvern, readiness... so yuir all ready fer pvp lovin.

Makin tons of goldage offa DK glyphs. Still know better than to blow it on a mammoth tho...

Fer those zombie fans... heresa Simon Pegg interview on what makes a zombie scary, and why they should never run. And if you doan know who Simon Pegg is, shame on you!


Anonymous said...

Why did you switch from BM so quickly? I can understand maybe not going for the 51 pointer but BM overall is still a solid leveling spec.

I could myself speccing survival as it has utility purposes and better CC. But MM still makes me shiver. It's not good enough overall PvE wise for my tastes. It's still a mostly PvP tree and I'd rather do good at both. With BM/MM or SV/MM I can do that.

Tamarlane said...

I find myself torn about speccing: I love BM for the "easy mode" aspect, particularly in PVE, and my sole foray into MM led to numerous ugly pet deaths, pet being unable to hold aggro, and most importantly me dying, a lot. It seems to me a great levelling spec would be MM INCLUDING Barrage and Imp. Barrage along with a Gorilla.. thoughts?

Love the Simon Pegg link, what a very good article.