Friday, March 20, 2009

Sorry seems to be the saddest word...

Sorry bout the non-postage.

First, IT is getting worse. Or better, depending on what side of the "waste my time at work" war you on. I would like to formally curse bigbearbutt for naming his blog something that would automatically trip any censor with half a non-brain.

I mean, what? Was Naked Chicks Want to Meet You! taken as a blog name?

That being said, I rather liked his post on Watchmen. I wish I could link to it, but IT...


And I gotta lotta work on my desk right now. My department decided to begin an experiment... can Noobed make a paper on ferrous scrap price movements funny enough for people to bother reading? Stay tuned!

THREE times this week, I have been kept from commenting on political crap floating around the office by people that care about me.

Then there's WoW. One of the bastards providing competition in the glyph market finally got smart at started copying one of my favorite marketing techniques. Dammit all to hell.

My guild is getting weird. But that happens. Some of em are a little peeved at me for not running with them last night. (Told em in advance... NCAA Basketball is on, you people on yuir own!)

Problem is... they started a new Naxx group, and wanted my mage to anchor the dps. Ran Wednesday... got 2 and change wings done. Mage topped charts by 30%. Melvin was 4th... behind the two tanks. (We got decent tanks this run).

Last night... without the 3.5k dps from my mage...

Well... Melvin was a lot closer to the top of the dps meters.

Anyway... Melvin is being resistant to the idea of a guest post. However... he will answer questions. So, plz leave any questions you have for him...


Anonymous said...


Would you please transcribe your recollection of the story following the commentary "Ret pallies are simply too easy." I would love to hear your methodology on this theory.

Geegolly said...

OMG, my IT dept has gone on a blocking binge...

All of blogspot is blocked:
"The Websense category "Social Networking and Personal Sites" is filtered"

Stupid Mage said...


Could you please link your Armory and give some details into your spec and gear choices?

My Mage is stuck between picking Fire or Arcane for maximum dps output.


sunjun said...