Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where were you?

It's like this.

I'm gettin burnt out already. So... I started a druid. If I hurry, I can get her to 80 and geared before 3.1 hits.

The gold is still rollin in, and I'm facing a decreasing interest in running the 15min of operations required every night to keep it comin.

Heirloom gear is mad awesome. I mean... except for freaking druids. There is no heirloom feral druid weapon. However, the haste trinket gives me between 4 and 6% increased melee/casting speed...

Was chatting with Melvin about this. He has, among other things, an 80 druid. He hates the nickname I've given the poor brute... "fleabag."

Anyway, I told him what I've done to gear up my loverly new char, including dropping 1k gold on the alt.

Melvin thinks this is a bad idea because of pickpockets.


See, once in band camp... well, orgrimmar... Melvin saw the message...

X pickpockets you for Y gold.

X being a horde rogue, and Y being 3 digits. Or as Melvin put it... "When I saw how much he got, I was furious!"

Since then, Melvin keeps his gold on an out of the way alt. Bank alt, indeed.

2 comments: said...

Poor, poor Melvin.

I hope I don't wake up one day to discover that Melvin is just a figment of your imagination, a device to entertain us, your dark side that you fear to face...

Somehow I doubt it, but lord will I be disappointed...

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