Monday, August 27, 2007

The Auction House and You...

I was fiddlin around leveling the mage this weekend, when I got a distress call from Herk (ArmsandFury)... Two locks were camping him in southern zangarmarsh...

Now south zangarmarsh is like 2 minutes via elite flying mount from shatt... where Mabd is more or less parked these days. So I log onto Mabd, fly up there, and do counter ganking operations. (CGO)

The two locks were seasoned world pvp'ers... doin all the tricks. Rezzing under bridges, in a lake.... whatever it takes to hide long enough to get health and buffs back... and eventually Herk and I decorated every inch of the road from the CE to Shatt with their skeletons.... but they aint the point of the post.

While stomping them for being useless cowardly gankers (2 on 1 vs an innocent warrior... the shame...) a 70 ne hunter shows up to help them.

Now, by this time Mabd is one day away from the arena x-bow. I don't play much, and, despite the handful of 70 instances I've run (arc over the weekend, just need BM for kara now...) have no nice blue 70 hunter drops. Still, I wipe the floor with this clown. Over and over again.

I die twice, once because I got so arrogant that I attacked all three of em without Herk, and with all my cooldowns blown already, the other a rez death. But still... the prancing elf eats dirt a half dozen times, if not more.

Combat log shows my auto-shot hitting him for 50% more damage than he was hitting me. And the worst part... HE WAS BM. (48/10/3... come on, what the hell is there in the BM tree that you would take over GftT?)

So, afterwards, I look him up on armory. And to my shock, found the only 70 hunter in azeroth running around with a green ranged weapon.

His bow did less damage than the bow Mabd went into outlands with... now, that was an epic level 60 bow, but still... that's just silly. Fer god's sake people... get to know the AH.

Now, you can equip yourself perfectly well with quest items from 60-70. Doing the new nessingwary Nagrand quest series gets a perfectly servicable blue gun at level 67 or so... but if you don't have the time, or knowledge... hit the damn AH up.

There are a ton of nice BOE blues that drop all the time, sell for next to nothing (keep an eye open, you'll see em for 40g or less, unless your server is radically different than mine) and can radically upgrade your combat effectiveness until you can run the 70 five mans for better gear. Here's what Mabd is still wearing...

Valanos's Longbow
Breastplate of Rapid Striking
Pathfinder's Band

The reason they're so cheap? Cuz most hunters can get better just by questing... so there's a limited market. I saw as many five of the bows at the AH at one time.

More expensive, but still worth it... (I see these for 60ish every so often)
Crystalforged War Axe
Scales of the Beast

It may take a few weeks of shopping once you hit 65 or so... but check the AH often, and don't be afraid to buy something you can't use for another 4-7 levels. You'll find it at a decent price if you wait long enough.

Cmon, people. Decent gear isn't just a good idea. It's the law!

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Ada said...

Hi Mabd, this is the noob 70 hunter. I can't believe I ran across your blog, and I like it :D.
Your points are taken, thanks for your comments. Yah, I suck, but, I play just for fun and, believe it or not, I had a lot of fun getting beaten by you that day.
With 5 kiddos (3 w/ special needs) and being a single working parent on top of that, WoW is just an escape for me. AH shopping has always bored the hell out of me. I do very little research, obviously, and that's because I'd rather be playing.
Anyway, I really wish that I could talk to folks like you that easily take me out. I do like to learn, and would rather learn by talking. Unfortunately, since I rarely duel, the only Hunters that beat me are Horde hehe
If you see me in game again, say Hi, and we can fight again.. who knows, I may have improved a little :D Take care!
PS, I am respeccing soon :D