Tuesday, January 20, 2009

They make no mention of the beauty of decay

Extended maintenance tuesday... and I have the day off. Curses!

Some screenshots... here's a quest line horde NPC from Conquest Hold in grizzly hills. And what does the dominant orc female choose as accessories? Two pretty belf boy toys. About all they good for, I suppose...

It didn't end well, btw. "When I'm through with you, not even the worgs will touch your corpse..." I gotta figure out a way to work that into a conversation sometime...

Chistmas is when Santa Majeure rides the skies on her undead mount, bringing pwn to all the little noobs out there...

Maj is 80 now, Frostfire build, pushin between 1.6 and 2k dps (depending on heroic...) I'd forgotten how much fun fire could be. And how squishy the squishiest of builds was... and then she wakes to find herself no longer hit capped :(

Quotes from an early npc. You summon a goddess and she has this to say... of all the quest lines, the whole Gundrak thing is the saddest... "if our gods can die... then so can we..."
The trolls murdered their gods to save themselves from the scourge.. thats just hard core, there. As Wallace Stevens put it... "The death of one god is the death of all gods."

Um... so sometimes theres just a conversation in general chat that you just have to stay the hell away from. "Ima girl. Oh wait, Ima woman.. cuz I'm legal now."


I really don't have to explain why I took this screenshot, now do I?

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Mr.Mighty said...

They really need to give us little murloc pets.