Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who's watching me?

There's a line by Will Ferrel's character in Zoolander...

"I feel like I'm on crazy pills!"

I've been getting that lately... in the first place, my dreams are getting even more bizzare...

One of the few I can mention without sounding even more psychotic than usual, I came back to a world I'd destroyed. With a swarm of poison snakes.

The worst part... I have absolutely no damn idea where this comes from. However, it's either this or insomnia. And I hate insomnia.

Crazy Derek is now living with me... and I have no idea how long. He's so deep in denial, it's almost impossible to get coherent information about his situation.

I'm really not capable of living with other people. Derek is testing my ability to pretend to be normal. And not be annoyed by the silliest things. Like his tendency to just pace back and forth while flipping a pen and muttering to himself for hours on end while I watch television.

I need to start changing my life. But who has that kind of time?

BRK is making QQ noises about hunter mana problems. I absolutely agree with him. I think hunter mana is gonna be a big deal movin forward. Mabd is still more or less on the shelf, doin JC dailies and makin me 300g a day.

My beautiful Majeure is now 75. I was looking at frostfire... but then decided to stay frost till 80. How badly did blizz screw up mage gearing?

We get three crafting sets. BC crafting sets were amazing... and if you were cloth, and not a tailor, you were seriously behind the curve, gearwise.

For blacksmiths... the titansteel gear is extremely useful, and more than capable of putting you on a naxx level.

What does cloth get in Wrath?

The priest set... int, spirit, spellpower and mp5.
The lock set... int, sta, spellpower and spell hit.
The mage set... int, spirit, spellpower and HASTE.

What vital stat is missing here? WHERE THE HELL IS MY CRIT?

Why bother getting spellweave for my mage when my first task is gonna be grabbing ANY FREAKING OTHER EPIC CLOTH to replace it? SPIRIT? FREAKING SPIRIT?


So, my loverly mage will have two epic rings and an epic neck waiting for her at 80. If I can find someone to make the deathchill cloak, I'll have that as well. As for the rest of the gear... Ima pretty screwed.

On an entirely unrelated note... I always wondered about this guy.

Then I heard the Steve Miller Band's song The Joker recently.

Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah
Some call me the gangster of love
Some people call me maurice
Cause I speak of the pompitous of love

Im a joker
Im a smoker
Im a midnight toker
I get my lovin on the run
Wooo wooooo

Did I get it right, Rats?


Ratshag said...

Actuallies, I were thinkin' of Louis Jourdan, but I went and confusicated him withs Maurice Chavalier. I's just a simple orc, ya know.

Merckx said...

"Like his tendency to just pace back and forth while flipping a pen and muttering to himself for hours on end while I watch television."

I have a friend who's roommate did the same thing but with scissors. He use to walk behind you while you watched TV, very creepy and unnerving. Maybe you should ride any pairs you have.

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