Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What is this, forgot?

Weird guild drama, busy at work, and playing way too much...

I did every heroic on my mage Saturday save three.

My mage is now as geared as she's gonna get outside Naxx...

And then they stealth nerf my build. AND TO MAKE IT WORSE, my ret pally friend has been /w me with "QQ" the last 24 hours. Over and over.

Maybe I shouldn't have held that guild pally nerf dance off when 3.08 hit.

My guild has hit a weird point. We have way too many tanks. Enough healers, but half of em are never around, so Unbound keeps gettin drafted. (Got my t7 Helm monday, so no biggie...)

And we are crucially short decent dps. Melvin might end up getting drafted. (me: "He's only 800dps!" Them:"He's all we got!")

If it comes down to Arcane vs FFB... I'm sticking arcane. Much better survivability and dps when I gotta move. Im gonna miss my 5k arcane missile crits tho...

Anyway... the guild has asked me anchor two different Naxx groups. Which is a bit more raiding than I'd planned on. At this point we have 5 tanks, 7 healers, and an assorted cast of overly casual dps.

This last week kinda proved the point. We'd been running one Naxx-10. Wed was more or less the better players (including a drafted and protesting Unbound, who skilled or not, at least has gear) And we had the habit of takin out 2 wings in the run. (One night we killed 11 bosses in 4 hours.) Then Sat hits, the scrubs come out, and they spend 4 hours trying and failing on Maexxna. Then Sunday, "A" team, rest of wings cleared.

Monday night, we do Seph and Kel.

The problem is... the groupings are by who can play on what night. And the better players have hooked up with Naxx-25 groups, so have little interest in helping with Naxx-10. Tonight, we start the new raids with Naxx-10, group A, which seems to have all the better players and tanks. Weekends will have... Melvin. And Magebert.

I have a sense of doom... maybe this weekend I'll just work on achievements.

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Anonymous said...

So how did the Melvin raid go?