Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Money... itsa gas.

Not much WoW this week. Burning out big time on SSO dailies. Almost to exalted on Mabd and STILL ONLY ONE BADGE.

Melvin claims to have gotten 5 so far.

Anyway, I thought I'd bitch some more about incompentent business models. Ima strange one... my latest mania is collecting pepsi caps for their music giveaway.

You get five caps... you can download one song.

How many caps do you think would be required to download an album?


So one album is equal to 12 hit songs. Does this make sense?

It's like the record companies don't even want to sell albums anymore... it used to be that they would push singles to promote the album... but now with remixes... you don't even get the best version of the song you like the most with the album.

Theresa story outta the economist that a record label asked a buncha teenagers to come to a Q&A on the state of industry. The label execs asked the kids questions about music usage, listening habits, etc... afterwards, they thanked the kids and showed them a table filled with new CD's, telling the kids to take what they wanted.

According to the story, the table was left untouched, and the execs were filled with a sense of doom...

But really... albums need to come down in price. 4-5$ for a download, and volume would more than make up for lower prices. Same way they price DVD's...


Anyway, a friend of mine had a runin with the mortgage company countrywide... if ya dont know why I hate the american media, this story will let ya in on some truly horrific practices that the media are too stupid to cover. And a funny letter written back to the root of all evil in financial firms.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your wow blog. Melvin is great, I could read about that guy all day.

Question: want do you do for a living? If you rather not answer that's cool, just wondering.

Keep up the great work.

Dagashai said...

Ima economist. So is Melvin.

I spent all last week explaining the mathmatical term bias to someone. It reminded of nothing less than a Dilbert cartoon...

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