Monday, April 7, 2008

Ready, steady, go!

So anyway, Mabd joined a new guild about a month ago.

Sunday was the trial by Kara... ina group with 2 of the guild officers.

We cleared it in 3.5 hours. One wipe (on prince, cuz they got too used to EZ mode, and the 2.4 patch kinda... hurt...)

My first kill of Prince, Illhoof and Netherspite.

Ya know ya have too much DPS in Kara when...

Ya get curator down to 22% by the end of the first evoke.

The raid leader yells "Only five minutes to enrage!' when Netherspite is at 10%...

Tank pulls with both healers AFK and ya doan wipe.

Mabd was second on the damage meters, behind the fury warrior with an enhance shammy in his pocket.

AND... when we killed Prince on the second attempt... Mabd and a lock were the only ones left standing. Mabd is revered with Violet Eye now! Uber ammo for everybody!

I was happy... got to know the officers, they got to know me, and Ima assured of reinvites. And got 22 loverly loverly badgers.

Some fool surv hunter tried to gank Mabd while she was sitting ona Rich Adamantite node. Itsa shame when ya get the aimed shot off twice and still die a horrible death. L2 Rekognize Season 3 arena gear, nub.

Ima 3k rep from revered with SSO. Still haven't run MrT. Opened a bazillion friggin SS packages, and only one badge.

Oh... and I had a dream... My brother was a 5 foot tall stoner boomkin in hock to the local dealers... who got in my grill... so I turned into a big ass worgen and tore em apart.

I doan know whether to be relieved that my weird dreams now feature WoW crap, or worried.


sonvar said...

I wish our Kara runs went that well. But we're still in the midst of getting tanks and all the dps geared from there. We need to try to do more heroics but its enough just trying to get the kara group running at its scheduled time.

I'm surprised the Surv hunter actually got off two Aimed shots though. Thats a waste beyond the first one on one. Unless he used Wyvern Sting after the first Aimed shot. Oh well.

Magister's Terrance is interesting and Kael at the end is certainly interesting. Just note that you shouldn't destroy the phoenix and then its egg until you get Kael close to 50% because otherwise theres a chance another phoenix will come and then Kael will launch everyone in the air while the phoenix just fireballs everyone in addition while those floating balls come at ya.

Anonymous said...

Prince was changed in 2.4? What's this?

Just before 2.4, I was full clearing Kara every week (although in more like 4.75 hours, so your time sounds delicious), and I've burnt out on it a bit.


Anonymous said...


Anyone can lose 10 games a week and get S3 homey...



krk said...

22% at 1st evocate?

That qualifies as a lot of dps, but until you kill him DURING the 1st evocate, you do not have too much dps.