Tuesday, April 1, 2008

There's a new game we like to play, you see...

Bleh... I gotta load some screenshots up tomorrow... I gotta few that might be interesting.

Meanwhile, some bitching and general observations...

Sometimes blizz gets the weirdest damn ideas about what classes want. Melvin refuses to use season three gloves for his mage because...

Well... see, set gloves usually come with some sorta nice class ability. From HWL to season 2, mages got 5 more yards with their fireblast ability... a wonderful help for pvp dps.

Season 3, the was changed to 50% resist of pushback for polymorph.

This was a downgrade. True, Melvin is so inept his arena group forbids him the use of the polymorph spell until least three other team members are down, (and I'd tell you THAT story, but I'd much rather drink myself into oblivion than relive the nightmare again...) but he hasa point. Mages doan get pushback. If you gettin shelled, you gotta get the hell outta dodge, not try to cast crap. And 5 more yards on fire blast is HUGE. Big old nerf. Thanks again for nothing, blizzard.

Why am I yapping about this? The shammy gloves. The new season gives us access to old high warlord blues for rep. What goodie do enhance shammies get with their gloves?

8% more lightning shield damage.

Thankfully this got changed to 5 more yards for shock spells by season three... still... its kinda annoying to even have this crap. Great! The MS warrior just took 8% more damage from the 350 point lightning shield... that 1800 point execute hurt him more than it hurt me!


K... how about this guys? Stupid arena tricks for n00bs. Stuff to try.

Vrs hunters and locks. Some fools put their pets on defense, then try to hide behind pillars. Its a cute idea to smack the pet... and if its on d, it'll charge out to get killed. A lotta hunters bringing cats into the arena make this mistake... and with dash, thatsa dead damn pet if they doan catch it fast enough.

I pulled this trick last weekend in front of Sug and Aerth. The pet came, then the hunter came after it, then the other two, right into our buzz saw. Ima patting myself on the back for this trick, and trying to explain how cool it was... and Aerth and Sug blew it off. Ima still mad at them. Petty, yes, but I doan beat people with reflexes, so when I get a major tactical pwn like that down, I really wanna "good boy!'

And my fav frost mage technique. The elemental's frost nova is not on cooldown... so you can start the frost bolt, and while it's casting, hit the range frost nova, then hit ice lance right as the FB goes off. Before they know it, you get that double crit off... no time to trinket, no time to heal.

Its not a sure kill, but if you get a target that's taken damage already, it might as well be.

Ima gonna respec mabd and maj this weekend. Mabd is gonna go 11/41/9. Ill lose surefooted, but I should add another 2-4% to my damage, while makin the pet meaner. Plus the thick hide and imp rez pet. With all my epics (purplz!) my armor is pretty damn sick. 10% more would put my anti melee damage mitigation into serious range. Plus, I tend to run with aspect of monkey in melee heavy fights... 24% dodge, 45% melee damage mitigation... even that lazy ass boomkin should be able to keep me alive through that.

AND... Ima seriously thinking about respeccing maj elemental build. Pyroblast/Shatter? F3ar teh Cut3 1nz! And I *BET* I could get it off in arena. (specially running with a shammy... Bloodlust FTW!) What's worse than an autocrit pyro? Eating the crit from the icelance immediately after. Insult, meet injury. Injury, this is insult...

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Merckx said...

11/41/9 is a great hunter build. I've been using it for a while. It's good for arena but it's godly in BGs.