Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hey man, nice shot!


This is why leaving comments on strange blogs is sometimes a bad idea.

A few things. Xian is to Christian as Xmas is to Christmas.

He gets to use House, but I doan get to use Star Trek?

And the point of Job is that bad things happen to good people because God's plan is beyond both our understanding and our idea of morality. Job is my fav book of the bible... he really shouldn't have gone there. Job is the Judaic answer to the problem of theodicy.

Oh, and... Mabd is now BM. Now to just get a pally to bubble the kitty. People aint stupid... they see the pet chewin stuff up, they know who to go for.

Still, bein able to weave them steady shots inna 2.17 auto shot set up leads to... interesting... results. And when I pop rapid fire and IAotH pops...


Still miss my MS crits tho. And imma convinced that my time in the desert that is the MM build helped my kiting a great deal :)

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