Tuesday, July 8, 2008

With the lights out, it's less dangerous

Umm... 200th post.

State of the blizz.

First... seriously... multiqueuing may have been a good idea once. And it probably saved AV during the alliance QQ fest. But right now it's killing us.

I went 3-15 in AB over the weekend. I was in teams that started with more than 10 toons only 4 times.

Why? Cuz everyone horde side is queuing fer AV at the same time.

What the hell is the point of the deserter debuff if people can just opt outta BG for another?

I was in kara with another mage. Boots of the Dark Coven dropped.

Nice boots... ton of sta, int, and +spell damage.

And spirit.

So the other mage asked me if that was worth rollin on. I said something disparaging about spirit.

He then asked that, if spirit is so bad, why is it on pve set gear (like tier 4).

I started thinking about it. Back when tier 4 was put into the game... spirit was for a crappy arcane talent, mage armor, and evoke.

Now its for mage armor anda marginally less crappy arcane talent. Spec considering how int works with spirit to scale mana regen.

Ima usin Mage Armor on most boss fights with mage. Even with frost channeling and clearcasting... she needs the extra mana regen.

But ima wondering howa deep arcane build would fare in the mana regen game...

And lastly... you people are lettin me down. I said Mabd is goin back BM.



Ceolwulf said...

Sad kitty sez ...

I can haz Big Red?

Anonymous said...

Why I love BM and so does the Sad kitty. It slightly makes up for the kitty not having resilience.

Stupid Mage said...

Why would we want to talk you out of being the best you can be?

Euripedes said...

You want an article about Spirit?
Will do, it's only marginally stupid these days, what with it giving back more mana the higher your intellect is.