Monday, July 7, 2008

These seconds when Im shaking leave me shuddering for days

Next post will be my 200th. Ima thinking...

Deathmatch! A play in one act!

K... did an insane amount of arena this weekend. 2v2 with my frost mage and a ret pally.

3v3 with my resto shammy, arms warrior and ret pally.

Anda 5v5, mm hunter, arms warrior, demon lock and 2 holy palys.

First... the ret pally was a bit too heavy on the ret and too light on the dps.

Second... the 5v5 was a freaking blast. We made it to 1574 before dropping 4 to teams with gladiators in em. The gnome rogue with the twin blades of azinoth was ADORABLE tho.

(You knows yuir in trouble when you see 5 peeps on bears charging ya.)

Some lessons learned this week. Including one INCREDIBLE THING that I never knew before. The pvp trinket does not blow the GCD, nor does it count as a spell.

So you can use it while in ghost wolf or kitty cat form. You can use it while mounted. And you can use it in a variety of ways...

Warriors can macro the trinket and bloodrage together.
Mages can macro the trinket and AE.
BM hunters can macro the trinket and BW.

Along these lines, Ima working on an macro to remove ice block and blink at the same time.

Some news... found a new arena partner fer Mabd. She'sa goin BACK TO BM! And itsa about freaking time. BM is just easier. Still...ima gonna miss the 2k MS crits. And scatter shot. And silence. /cry

And Ima gonna miss the 200 kills per AB.

Oh, and I found someone else for Herk to hate.

Herk... buddy... I got some bad news, some worse news, and some terrible news.

I found us a threes partner.
Hesa noob ret pally tryin to get arena goin fer his char. He's (by his own admission) tryin to master ret dom, and still has some learnin to do.

Thassa bad news.

He does... however... have two other chars, both floatin around 1700 arena right now...

Thassa worse news

One of the alts is an arms warrior that got his season 3 weapon last season ona arms warrior/ ret pally/ resto shammy team.

Thassa terrible news.

You up for bein the taz onna arena team?

In related news... Unbound finally got to heal her first instance.

Kara run.

With only one other healer. (A tier 5 coh priest)

One wipe. On illhoof. Cuz the priest got sacced three freaking times. And I ran outta mana keepin her alive. I swear... awesome dps, but it couldn't focus fire fer shit. Curators flares and demon chains lasted way too damn long.

Also, weak lock. That ran outta mana halfway through the fight.

We got him on second try, tho that time it was Unbound he hadda boner fer. When you only runnin 2 healerz in Kara, you can get hosed by illhoof's choices. Unbound had to reincarnate to keep the fight goin.

I think I did well... keepin up the party when the priests shackle broke and she got one shotted during moroes. Kept things goin till she could get the battle rez and inervate.

Still... itsa hella stressful.

Which leads to the last idea. We have reached the point where once fearsome content like kara and gruul can be conquered by.. well.. the Melvins of the world. Welfare epics can keep em alive through mistakes, and they can play but doin no more than spamming two to three buttons.

Maj was inna kara that wiped on prince... by that point, Maj anda ele shammy guildy were responsible fer over half the parties total damage. The prot pally tank was third. Skipped Illy and netherspite, killed nightbane.

With only two real dps.

The prot pally anda holy priest were very good. But really... that crap level dps... no way we shoulda been able to make it that far.


ArmsandFury said...

For god's sake that is unfair!! I don't care what you say... I will never NEVER be the Tazzy of anything. I know how to do DPS on my warrior.

If this guy is that good then it rocks for me!!! I love learning new warrior tricks :)

sonvar said...

Gah I hate prince recently. A combination of glitches and bad infernal drops from him. In one case our Pally tank had a huge threat margin still in the middle of phase two. He casts Shadow Word Pain on the tank like he was supposed to and then all of the sudden attacks the other hunter in the group. He then proceeds to kill the hunter and then the event resets. What made that even more annoying was the fact that we actually had good infernal drops. The other time our shammy healer decides to get close to drop totems that would reach the tank and himself but gets killed by a shadow nova. And thus the tank dies in phase 3 because the other healer was OOM. And we all wipe at the end with him at 1%.

I've been in groups that have downed prince but lately it has been nothing but bad luck.

sonvar said...

Oh and I agree on illhoof. If your dps is low you should really have a third healer or someone as offheals for healing healers who get sacrificed.