Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When it's all mixed up...

How bad is the economy? Even Klingons are turning to crime!

And two more serious (read grotesque) links.

This and that.

Melvin got excluded from the Naxx run last week. I was chatting with him about it, and he's feeling quite hurt... well, not so much about that, but about his inability to get into heroics. Anytime he gets asked about his spellpower, he ends up putting the person on his ignore list.

Now note... he has authorized me to pass on his theory of WoW class justice. And when I say class... I mean have vs have not, not, er... well, class.

According to Melvin... other players had the advantage of people carrying them through dungeons. So... he doesn't see why he should be penalized for being badly geared or specced... other players should feel obliged to support him in heroic runs. Like, presumably, they were when they first hit 80.

And the whole spec thing? Not a problem... its all gear. Get him the gear, and he'll be as good as he needs to be... chain casting scorch.

Melvin is now leveling a hunter, rather than gearing any of his 3 level 80 characters...


Josh Augustine said...

First: if his post is referring to his interactions with guildies, I can totally understand his view, but if it's strangers he's trying to get invited into their PuG, then that's a pretty assumptive way to look at finding a PuG for Heroics. Expecting people to hurt themselves (longer run time, expectation of wipe possibilities) in order to help you when you're a lazy stranger too stubborn to change your spec to help make up for your bad gear isn't much different than a level 10 asking a level 80 for 5g. Sure it wouldn't hurt the level 80 much to give the 5g, but they have no reason or desire to help you and to them you look incredibly lazy and incompetent. Whether it's "fair" or "should happen" is irrelevant, the point is that it won't and getting upset about it makes you look pretty silly.

Blocking players that simply ask what your spell power is is a pretty big overreaction (unless they're insulting you or badgering you about how low it is).

Stupid Mage said...

I find it quite easy to believe he'd get "wtf, get better gear you @$#@$% n00b" as a response if he had a low amount of spellpower. PUGs are..PUGs.

His expecting other people to gear him up is rude too. He should at least take the minimum effort to get rep gear, honor gear, quest gear, crafted gear...

Shitty DPS means a shitty run no matter how good your tank and healer are.