Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hate me today

Every so often, I gotta be me. The absolute bastard.

And the thing is... Absolute Bastard likes his jokes.

KK... one thing to know on background. I've been makin mad stacks of gold messin with the AH.

I'm not spending much time... so I'm not makin real money, like this guy is... but about 15-30 min a day, and I'm takin home about 4k gold a week. Not counting whatever I make in quests...

This lets me play what I want to play. Grinding gold with farming and dailys is NOT FUN. Some people get off on it. I don't.

I make money the old fashioned way... finding people that put serious work in, and then swooping by to claim the lion's share of profits. What can I say? Ima total bastard.

I managed to pick up Je'Tze's Bell the other day for 5.5k gold. Unbound is now seriously geared.

K... thats part one on background.

Second... I've been running with a core group in the guild of guilds. J, the tank, Av, the holy pal. We've been trying to gear/train another warrior tank (K) in the game... so J respecced fury, so he could dps and keep an eye on K during a coupla runs.

This rather upset Av. On general principle. If we gotta heal, by damn god, tanks dont get to have fun either.

So... when I whispered Av, offering to pay him to let J die the next time his fury ass pulled aggro offa the weak tank, Av agreed.

More background. I've been picking on J lately with the gold thing, since we're both inscriptionists... and J complains about always bein poor.

Whereas I complain about the carpal tunnel I'm developing from clicking all that gold in my mailbox. (yeah, yeah, theres an addon that will loot it for me, I'm sure)

So... Av lets J die, and whispers me back. "You owe me 1000 gold!"

He was joking.

I wasn't. And Av was seriously shocked when I dumped 1k gold on him. So was J. Who's a little upset that Av and I are talking about making this...

A Daily.

Or in the words of Av... "THE BEST DAILY EVER!"


Ceolwulf said...

Heh, nice.

So what's your main income?

I've been doing reasonably well with Eternal Belt Buckles. Even getting someone else to craft them they're good money.

Anonymous said...

I wish you posted more, you are, by far, my favorite wow blogger.