Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please Mr. Postman...

I had never seen this before... sent to my level 35 bank alt (warrior, natch, to carry all that gold...)

When did they start doin this?

Anyway. Im at work, and sick as a dog. Gotta head cold in that stage where yuir forebrain turns to snot and then dries up, and the vacuum created ends up sucking your eyes back behind that part of the brain where you remember all the clock faces you've ever stared at while waiting for school/work/paid sex to end.

You know how you feel the morning after getting royally pissed during a chili dog eating contest? I wish I felt that good.

So whats the shammy news? Enhance is getting the back of the hand they would give to ret pallies if they weren't terrified of arriving home only to find their families tied up and being forced to watch The Spirit for the fiftieth time.

Elemental is getting minor boosts.

Resto is getting big love, mostly via back door, glyph lovin. 20% more healing from earth shield? Plz stay!

So.. the same mental defectives that thought 3.0 ret pallies weren't insanely unbalanced now think they can juggle talent changes, skill changes, and glyph changes. Invest heavily in popcorn and tarp, this is gonna get messier than a Gallagher show.

Dunno if I linked this before. Let the right one in. A movie about a teenager that falls in love with a vampire, only it doesn't suck.

Also, if you've never seen this, you might really enjoy it.

I saw In Bruges over the weekend, and was vastly impressed. Not quite the Tarintinoesque semi-comedy. Lotta religious overtones. Really spooky-sad.

Also saw Jumper. Lets see... guy gets hunted by religious nuts that murder his estranged father, kidnap his girlfriend, and he ends the movie trying to convince them he's not a bad guy.

WTF is wrong with hollywood?

Maybe more on 3.1 later. I'm still trying to see where ret got nerfed. I guess I'm like that guy staring at that poster in Mallrats. Just can't see the sailboat.


lethal said...

They started sending letters about riding when it was changed from level 40 to level 30.
Sort of like a, 'hey did you know you can get riding at 30, pretty cool huh' for those that didn't read patch notes

Dagashai said...

Yeah, but that was months ago... why am I just getting this now?

Anonymous said...

Loved Sheriff, and I'm ashamed to admit: Mallrats.

sunjun said...