Thursday, May 7, 2009

Would you choose the water over wine?

Not sure anyone reads this anymore.

Anyway, one of my self promises is to put at least one post up every week. So... here it is.

Downed Hodir last night with the uld-10 group. Love the new guild, but they doin an ingame wedding tomorrow. And I've no idea what to get the couple. Or even if they a couple in RL. One of those healer/dps pairs. Cept she's the dps (and she beats the pants offa me on damage meters with her surv hunter.) And hes the pally healer.

Mabd is pretty much retired fer a while. Unbound is only gonna be running with the old crew, which is to say once inna blue moon.

So ima mage player, and this issa mage blog.

Is it just me, or how evil is it that fury warriors and rogues are much better at aoe adds duty than mages? I really cant spare the mana to blizzard without destroying my ability to dps the boss. Meanwhile, rogues never run outta freaking knives to fan, nor warriors rage to whirlwind with.

Speaking of which... I've become obsessed with master of elements... and its interaction with the spell named after the company that puts the game out..

Namely Blizzard.

Master of elements gives 30% of mana back with a crit. Blizzard issa channeled spell. How do these two work?

Well, blizz has 8 tics. And if I crit ANY target in a given tic, I get 91 mana (30% of blizz cost/8?) back. I crit a target each tic, I get back the net 30%... making blizz damn near affordable.

I need to mess with flamestrike and arcane explosion to see how they work with MoE...

Also... something is weird with living bomb. Some people claim LB tics wont set off ignite... but dammit, I'm getting ignites on targets at the weirdest times. AND hot streak. A shame I'm usually too drunk to figure out how.


Anonymous said...

"So ima mage player, and this issa mage blog."

WTF? no brk, no megs and now this? It's all falling a part. said...

I was reading anyway... but I love it when people say:

"So ima mage player, and this issa mage blog."

Try Living Bomb + Flame Strike 8 + Flame Strike 9 + Blizzard till dead... I just love the colored numbers flashing across the screen

Figworth said...

I still read it! <3

Anonymous said...

I still read and enjoy it too! my main is a hunter, but I occasionally play a mage alt and I have you on my daily blog read list.

Crowgirl -Gnomer said...

I read you, and I don't even PLAY a mage. You are fun, and my sweetie mages- which is how we found you. Please don't give up on us- and get them buff food- or flasks. No-one can have enough. Or matching mounts, if they're into that sort of thing.
good luck at the wedding-

euripedes said...

The LB ticks, I thought, based on what Ghostcrawler said (and it's behaviour before), weren't supposed to do anything except crit.

It's not supposed to proc ignite, consume combustion or anything like that!
At least, that's what I thought...

And yet it does.

This confuses me.

Anonymous said...

I am reading as well. Keep posting damnit.

Stupid Mage said...

Come on, you want the world to be populated by Melvins??