Monday, July 30, 2007

Another week, another 350 Arena Points...

I usually keep a few of these around to test things out.

Like if a ret pally could dps his way outta one...

This week... Melvin, the PoM/Pyro mage completely failed the arena test. He cannot even fight his way outta a paper bag.

We went 5-5 in our 5v5 arena team.

Poetic? Fate? Karma?

Well, 7 matches in, we were 3-4. The damage board was...

Magebert (same build, same gear as Melvin. *Exactly* same build/gear)
The MS warrior
The healer.

Magebert and I were close in damage with magebert on top most of the time. MS boy was usually doin 30% less than either of us. Melvin... about half. Half of mine, half of magebert. Sometimes the healer beat him.


Then the fun part... magebert and melvin decided to get their alts some arena points... so we'd be goin into battle with...
MS Warrior
Mabd, the Beast Mistress Hunter
Shadow Priest
Melvin's elemental shammy
Magebert's disc/holy priest

We went 2-1. And I learned my lessons for the week. First.... melvin sucks. Second... healing really really matters. Third... hunters do amazing dps in arena sometimes...

The one match outta the three that we completely pwned... Mabd did more than 50% of our team's total damage. I shoulda got a screen shot. I've never seen anything close to it.

The problem with hunters in arena, especially BM hunters... is that they simply have no interrupts. Just that once every minute 1 sec stun offa Intimidation. OTOH, you can make yourself unstoppable for 18 seconds, and you have range second to none. If you work the /assist angle properly... you can backup other dps on your team.

But you are pretty much useless when it comes down to you vs. the resto shammy or holy pal... you cant out dps their heals, and you can't interrupt their heals.
*God* I miss scatter shot and wyvern sting.
Anyway... melvin cites equipment again. When we get beat three times by a team that kills us in the same order everytime... it's not teamwork... it's gear.

Fun quotes from the weekend.
Melvin: "They just had better gear than we do!"
Melvin: "Kara is fun, but I already have everything I want from there."
Magebert on his disc/holy priest, after 2 wipes on a 5 man outdoor boss...
"Hold on, let me put my +healing gear on."
After we kill the boss...
"It didn't matter anyway, all I did was spam greater heals..."

And the fun hunter tip for the week... for some unbelievable reason...

Cooking food increases the pet satisfaction it provides. Mabd got to spend an hour fishing to stock up on treats for the bottomless pit. Normally I dont bother cooking the fish... cuz cooking six or seven stacks of fish takes forever, and the pet eats it either way... but I'd been wondering bout this for some time...
At level 70, raw barbed gil trout provides +17 pet happiness a second.
And... cooked barbed gil trout provides +35.
Sigh... all that fish wasted in the past. Gourmand pets...


Karl said...

Well, duh....

Cooking the fish might take it from a level 35 item to 45, and similar changes at higher levels, plus, if you spent the time cooking it, your cooking would be maxxed out and you could make all that nice +stam food that YOU can eat, thus saving money on pots.

Dagashai said...

Yeah, it was a pretty damn simple thing. But raw barbed gil trout isn't a food item... it's just a white crafting item. And my cooking is already 375... I'm just too damn lazy to spend 3-5 mins cooking all that crap.

Stupid pets.

Flame-broiled with a slice of lemon and fresh dill? NO MORE FOOD NETWORK FOR YOU, CAT!

Karl said...

of course, in the crazy days after BC came out, I made nearly 100G of AH trading of Barbed Gil Trout with my lvl 45 pally at the time.. lol