Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You may be a huntard if...

Your play a toon named Mabd. No, seriously. I used to pwn warriors, now they walk all over me... God, i miss my old survival build sometimes...

Anyway, the guild of guilds has set me off again. For the record, I am an unrepentant curmudgeon. In modern english, a serious ass-hole. Few things annoy me more than people talking crazy talk.

But worst has been the rash of hunters in my guild. We have one acceptable one, and he's merely a cookie cutter MM. (Albeit a damn well vicious one... who doesn't make stupid mistakes...) Seriously. When Mabd made 67, there was an exceptionally annoying just 70 tauren hunter who committed the heresy of respeccing MM from BM.

Mabd, proud mistress of all fanged damaging things, called him out.

"You don't understand! MM just does sooo much more damage."
"Duel me, traitor."
"You're only 67, I'd crush you."
"Traitor and coward. Nice combo for a cow."
"Mabd, I wept when I respecced... please don't give me a hard time..."

Duel went down in garadar. Well, actually, 4 duels.
He got me down to a third of my health. Once. Which I posted in guild chat.
"Much better! That time you got me down to a third!"
His response...
"OMFG! You're pure evil!"

K. It wasn't the builds. The poor guy was a huntard. His pet... a bear. His weapon... honed voidaxe.

How to recognize a huntard? Honed frikkin voidaxe is a good clue. Some weapons we should avoid at all costs... corpsemaker is one. Honed voidaxe is another. For god's sake... its no better for a hunter than an adamantite axe... And thatsa damn green. Or get the dagger offa RoB, and get the other blue dagger offa the dune quest line in Bone Wastes... and dual wield with superior +crit, +agil, +ap... with about same sta. (I hate not being able to look this stuff up at work...)

Nother damn thing that bugs me. Spirit bond. Great talent back in the day, when it gave a fraction of your pet's damage back as life. But really, almost useless in both pve and pvp. In pve, if you takin damage, you doin something wrong. In pvp, 2% over ten seconds aint gonna save anyone. Everytime I pass a hunter and click on em to see the spirit bond... I just feel old.

What brought this up? The guild of guilds, and its insanely inept hunters.
We have a hunter named K. K seems a friendly sort, but really talks too damn much. He's running three +60 chars, and is probably a kid, or younger college student. And he declared himself the number two hunter in the guild a few weeks ago... just after the MM guy I mentioned earlier.

Now, I lookup chars in armory all the time, spec hunters in my guild. K. made 70 with less than 900 rap. Hes a little better now ( I think he was MM at the time...)

But really. The number 2 hunter in the guild. Before poor mabd... (who lurks. Doin instances with the guild sometimes has a worse track record than PUG's.)

And this was his comment on sunday... about a month after he made 70. A month of running instances with the guild...
"I finally broke down and paid 7g to get misdirection..."

It hurts me. I know I am limited. I have so much more to learn. But still... good frikkin lord.


ArmsandFury said...

Warriors walk all over you?! What the hell are you doing!.. Quit teasing me ass!

I went 1v1 with a BM hunter who was 5lv lower than me. We ended up ½ and I felt like I had done something.

Seriously tho, he was good... really good... Bastard ass alliance NELF!!! God I hated him... The cursing was epice in my house that night.

Connor can now say ()@$*) adn $*Y()@# and (&$&@&@@@@!!! ... sigh

His mom is gonna kill me.

Dagashai said...

Well... it works like this...

If I have my cooldowns, and see em coming... and they dont have the pvp trinket... I win.

If my BW is blown, I'm toast. Charge, hamstring... ouchie.

They gotta pvp trinket, my frost trap is gonna be useless. So I have to snake trap, wingclip, BW, and RUN... while pet grinds em down.

BW is 18 seconds... with me running killing the dps...

But if I have BW... yeah, even match.

The other day, a 70 warrior caught me mounted and had me dead in 7 seconds...

But really... the two things I got problems with, 3 min mages and warriors. Class weakness... Pallies are a pain, but ya beat em by running away. If they follow, the pet chews on em, and ya can kill em. If they don't itsa draw.

Now with survival/MM build... its different...

/aimedshot (1.5k no crit)
/wyvern sting
... rinse repeat...
... you get the picture...

Don't forget... most hunters are agility junkies with almost as much dodge as rogues... you REALLY shouldn't have many problems with them... get the damn pvp trinket and you'll do fine.