Sunday, June 29, 2008

Isn't she pretty in pink!

Yeppers... thassa Maj in her season 3 finery.

She's ina 2v2 with a ret pal right now, and I can use any help/suggestions ya got.

She now has a distinct pvp set, anda pve set. Ima happy. I can raid and pvp! She has 112 spell hit with the pve set, and managed to hang with the guild rogue class leader ina kara run, damage wise.

Sadly, Melvin's fleabag druid was along with that group.

Ima not sure... but I suspect itsa sign of bad play when a bear or warrior never drops below 85 rage while tanking.

Oh and Melvin still doan know what feral charge is for. He got killed by the arcane blast gainst shade. Cuz he doan know how to shift to escape snares.

I went +spell haste with the gems. I think after I get a coupla more pieces... the spell haste pvp cloak, the spell haste pvp ring... Ill be doin better.

It's still pretty nice to see spell haste work with portals and food creation tho :)

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