Tuesday, October 14, 2008

If words could make wishes come true

So, ah, have you read Harry Potter?

One thing I tend to dislike about book lists is that they pretty much tell me what I already know. I mean, yeah, I've read all these. The trick issa book list of books people would enjoy that not everyone has read. And, since Ima who I am, it can't just be a book list. So, here, in honor of patch day... stuff gamers would like.


The Compleat Traveller in Black.

Um... the finest of existential fantasty. If you like this, check out Shockwave Rider as well, Brunner's response to the 60's pop psychology hit Future Shock. Oh, a teaser? The main character has to grant the first wish you make in his presence. He has a choice as to whether to grant the second...

The Vampire Genevieve

Set in the warhammer universe. If ya like angsty vampires, this is the best thing yuil ever read. Recently rereleased... I lent my copy to Melvin, and he couldn't understand what was goin on. Higher praise I cannot give. The author is a pretty interesting figure in his own right, I've mentioned him before...

Ima not gonna mention C. S. Freidman or Guy Gavriel Kay. They get mentioned enough. But if you haven't ready anything by them, it would be worth doin so...

The Book of Jhereg

James Bond inna fantasy setting? I realized how sneaky good the author was on the third book, when the main character mentions how important the number 17 is. I check the book. 17 chapters. I check the first two... each of them has 17 chapters...

He wrote a book where the chapters each had three parts. A one line introduction, the lines together telling the story of the main character casting a spell. A few paragraphs about the main character's childhood. And then the story itself, which begins and ends with the casting of a spell, and the blood of a god.

Then there was the one where every chapter started with a line from a laundry list... the latest book is out in hardback... gonna be a long wait.

Illegal Aliens

They rereleased it! The funniest sci fi satire of all time! Um... Phil Foglio and Nick Pollatta. How to describe? Aliens make first contact with Earth.. AND ARE NOT PREPARED!

The Damned (series)

Allen Dean Foster... the flip side of illegal aliens. The universe is in the middle of a massive war between a race of psychers that can mind control, who want to bring all sentient life together in a effort to transcend sentience, and everyone else, who don't want to lose free will. The problem? No true sentient can bear the thought of violence. Only a handful can actually take up arms, even in the face of an ultimate threat.

Then they find humanity.


Night Watch

A russian vampire movie. And remember kiddies... russians doan really believe in happy endings.

Gruz 200

No link on this, its not out in the states yet. I've only managed to watch about 2/3 of it via other sources... um... it's another russian movie by a director that got pissed off at Putin's infatuation with the soviet past. The title refers to the material (zinc) that the russian army made coffins outta to ship home their dead. And its about a serial killer who is tormenting a girl in an attempt to prove to her that there is no god... just as socialism tells us... (and when I say torment... I mean... well, again, no happy endings...)

Three O'Clock High

Kinda a cult classic now. Bombed when it came out in the 80's due to the unintentional drug reference. (It's actually a reference to High Noon, with whom it share a plot...) Kid has to meet a bully fer a fight at the end of the school day. Funny funny funny.

My Man Godfrey

My favorite screwball comedy. Of all time. Produced at the height of the depression, a ditzy rich socialite goes on a scavenger hunt for "a forgotten man." Which, indeed, she ends up finding.


Please Save My Earth

Its dated, it really has no ending.. but its one of the saddest things I've ever seen. About obsessive love and redemption.


SmokyBG said...

I'm currently reading the Jhereg series, they are a lot of fun :-)
And if you like the Night Watch movie, do yourself a favor and read the books from the series, all four of them... They are so much better than the movie it's not even funny...

Dammerung said...

The Compleat Traveller in Black.===I'll have to read this one

The Vampire Genevieve===I thought about picking this up but I'm not a big fan of warhammer. I'll have to look at it again.

"Ima not gonna mention C. S. Freidman or Guy Gavriel Kay." cus they are so pure awesome that it burns.

The Book of Jhereg==I love this guy's books. Although to me its more of the classic detective in a smokey office than james bond. His book written in the Dumas style was also awesome.

Illegal Aliens==hmm not a big fan of satire but liking your list so far...maybe oh wait... phil foglio? of Girl Genius? Maybe I'll have to check it out sooner than I thought.

The Damned (series)== I love this series. It is what got me started on Foster. I need to go back and re-read it.


Night Watch==Excellent movie. Too bad I distinctly hate bad endings.

Gruz 200===Sounds icky. I'll pass.

Three O'Clock High===Never heard of it. Maybe one of wulfa's slow movie nights.

My Man Godfrey===Again with the not hearing. But since it doesn't have a bad ending I might try it.

Please Save My Earth===A sad movie? Again skipping. How can someone with such awesome book taste like so many movies he describes as sad or bad endings. *shakes head dramatically*