Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just watching you without me.

So, the response to megs...

Why did it take so long? Well... I was kinda tryin to figure out what flower megs would be, if megs was a flower.

The the answer hit me... itsa so simple.

Nightshade. Intoxicating, produces madness, deadly. A far more capable and lethal cousin of Solanum lycopersicum.

So... here's why we disagree on flag strategy in EotS.

Plz realize... she does premades. I don't. So when she says things like "winning WSG is about controlling the middle of the field." She thinks puttin people in the middle of the field will control it. I think of 6 people seein a prot warrior and thinking, "Hey, this guy can't hurt me, free kill! A lot less fustratin than chasin that damn druid..."

The problem is one of strategic initiative. If you have the flag, you got the initiative. Both is EotS and WSG. THEY have to respond to YOU. This is mitigated if the other side is ahead by enough. Then they can just turtle up in two bases and wait it out. Or sometimes just one.

But if you got the flag, and the score is close... you determine the path of the game. Hold on to the flag, ignore middle, and go for that third base. They outta mid? Coordinate the team to rush mid as you cap. You don't need the mid if you have the flag. THEY, on the other hand, have to keep an eye on it to avoid you gettin cheap points.

And if you get within 40 points of lead? You can just turtle up with the flag, and cap it at last minute for the win. The only organization you need to worry about is makin sure you got enough to defend their inevitable zerg.

Now... this is not to say that an early zerg of the other side's towers issa bad idea. If you can keep them from cappin one of them for a minute or two, you get a nice little point advantage, flag be damned.

But in the grand scheme of things... you have to keep it simple. The average PUG player couldn't spell zerg if you spotted him the z and the "ERG!" They'll hang back, waitin for someone else to go first. They'll watch a flag get picked up, rather than do a suicide to win a few more seconds.

And here's why I wrote the original post. I saw a group of horde in EotS run PAST the flag, at mid, to fight on the middle of the road on the other side. Why were they fightin on the road? Cuz the alliance attacked them there... and you can't just run past an alliance to get to a tower, oh no... and why did they ignore the flag? Cuz people like meg, who otherwise know what they're doin, tend to tell them to ignore the flag. Every goddamn game... I would swear to god that it was alliance propaganda designed to make horde throw the game, cept I see it too many times on alliance side.

The trick is not in winning the game with a good team, megs, dearest.

The trick is winning the game with the complete and utter idiots blizzard stuck you with. And tellin em the flag is useless, just go for the towers... doesn't help. Specially when you have to tell them, again... "the towers... not the road... no, not that road either... no, not the graveyard, the towers. THE TOWERS! WTF IS UP WITH YOU NOOBS FER THE LVOE OF GOG$%#%"

Renoobed has left the game.

Oh, latest Melvin news. I told melvin that honor is bein reset. I haven't told him that this was reversed. And I won't. But I will tell him that arena season is ending in two weeks. And let him make whatever conclusions about arena points that he can.

He's been braggin about his lock too much for my comfort.


ArmsandFury said...

Megs owns you! Get em Megs!

Busket said...

I think the PUG thing cuts both ways, personally. Although I have a higher opinion of my fellow players--most of them aren't idiots, they just don't know better, and there is a difference. And people who do understand how the battlegrounds work, the opportunities in a battle to shift momentum, the places where you can dictate the terms of battle...tend to just try and tell people what to do, they don't explain why a certain strategy will work. Heck, there isn't really time to do so usually. But the average person doesn't take well to just being told to "do X". They've been told to do Y in the past, and they have no way of knowing your credentials, so they're going to do what they want unless you can convince them otherwise.

So to me, it's all well and good to advocate the flag strategy, but I don't think it works any better on PUGs than pushing towers. I've seen it plenty of times where my team will try to control the flag, and you'll end up having 5 people sitting in the middle doing nothing for long periods of time. People get "flag vision" and stop thinking or contributing. Besides, 3 towers isn't about ignoring the flag, it's about prioritizing towers. If people are running past a flag that is free for the taking, you have problems that neither strategy will overcome.

I use the 3 tower cap in PUGs with great success. The key is taking a leadership role before the battleground starts, explaining the purpose of the strategy, and making sure you have enough of a buy in from your teammates. If you don't, sure, go ahead and default to 2 + flags. It certainly can work. I just think by accepting a flag battle you are signaling to the opposition that you are trying to grind out a win, which gives them incentive to fight you tooth and nail. Going 3 towers, when it works right, knocks the opposition into disarray and takes them out of the game. Of course, if the opposition is up to it, it can be just as grindy as 2+flag. I'll take the ground out win if I have to, but I always want to at least try to get the slam dunk.