Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brown sugar!

We interrupt this blog for an announcement.

Guess what dropped?

You may now go back to yuir headless horseman mountless lives.


Basil said...



Sugars said...

You, are an a$$. That's all I got to say.

Anonymous said...

Dag - grats on the mount.

I took several months off of WoW, and consequently, your blog. I was reading some of your back posts and came across your reading recommendations. Good to see you directing people to the Vlad Taltos books. I finally got my wife into them, and re-read them all to better discuss with her. So good.

As far as movies, I am waiting to watch Nightwatch until after I finish the book, which I coincidentally started yesterday. It rocks so far.

I assume you've seen Old Boy, right? That and Thank You For Smoking are two lesser-seen movies that I try to tell people about every chance I get. Seems like you would like either, but you'd certainly love Old Boy to death. Disturbing Korean revenge mystery? Heck yeah!


PS So Enhance now wants AGI and INT more than any other base stat, huh? What a world. I got mine to 69 and he has 4 banked epics from a Kara run when he was 68. And I thought Kara was a fast loot pinata BEFORE 3.0! XD Gotta hit 70 so I can put them on and claim my Violet Ring.

Figworth said...

Die. In a fire. ( /sigh. grats on the mount.)