Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dear God, hope you got the letter...

Herk, this is yuir friend ReNoobed... and we gotta talk.

Ima sick of yuir incessant, cruel and bigoted remarks towards poor Majeure. Shesa frost mage. She gives her best, time after time, and gets nothing from you but scorn and condescension. She's reliably by yuir side in arena, laying frozen death upon those targets you mortal strike, setting you up for the execute you love so much, and gets not even a "good job!" Ora "thank you!"

Instead, its all... "Maj SUCKS."
"Mages are ueseless!"

Poor Maj has been crying her eyes out at your thoughtlessness... and I for one won't stand for this crap anymore. Spec since Maj could wipe the floor with you, and we both know it.

As well, we need to discuss yuir unhealthy obsession with Unbound. Yeah, I know she has bloodlust. And windfury totem. And gives you a 10% AP buff... but its not all about YOU is it?

Unbound is starting to get a little creeped out by all the attention. The fish parts in the mail. That little "totem of love" you keep bragging about.

I doan know how to tell you this... but Unbound groups with other warriors, you know. In BG's, in 5 mans... in kara... and they get the bloodlust and windfury as well. In fact, she was telling me the other day...

Well... let's just say, yuirs is not the biggest hammer she's seen.

Ima friend. And someone had to tell you. Best reexamine those priorities, buddy. Before yuir left out in the cold, old and lonely and with noone to group with... cept Melvin.


Anonymous said...

So yeah way to call out Herk. Though you gotta remember Herk is a tauren and so is Unbound. I'm sorry but I just don't see Blood elves and Tauren hooking up too well. Granted some Tauren do have romantic intentions towards Forsaken this is by no means the norm in the least. Cut the man a break he's just looking for women with huge tracks of land.

Euripedes said...

Fish parts?

What... ahh... parts?

Sugars said...

Duh...of course its all about Herk. Shesh you have known him long enough you should have figured this out by now. Silly mage-hunter-shammy.