Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh no, this is the road to hell...

I've mentioned before that Melvin is trying to get me to respec Majeure the Magnificent back to a lowly POM/Pyro build.... btw... the sick POM/pvp build is heavy into arcane so you can follow up with uber boosted arcane missiles (mine would crit for 1k)...

Melvin is also a tad bit upset that I refuse to upgrade Maj's equipment until the new season hits. All the while deriding frost mage dps...

Melvin is also of the impression that his feral druid is actually useful in arena... The shared consensus between Arms & Fury and I is that if we had Melvin's druid, we'd swap it for a gnome, then delete the gnome.

Did arena with Melvin and crew last night... went 0-3 with the scrubs, and 6-1 with the better chars. We didn't have the world's worst warrior... we had his evil twin, mr. almost as useless warrior... Who, despite playing arena for the better part of 3 months, still doesn't know which way to face when the game starts... (Arms & Fury... "Where the hell did they find TWO of them?") and who can't dps his way outta paper bag. Despite that, we did well... Maj and Herk work well together on an arena team... (more on this in another post)

Melvin refuses to use windfury totem with his shammy, even when on a team with 2 arms warriors.... he likes wrath of air, which adds 100 to his spell damage. I, ah, had a conversation with him about this, but since it took 2 months to get him to start usin bloodlust, Ima not holding my breath.

Melvin's 3v3 team went 2-8. This is the team with the two season 3'ed out mages and the mr. almost as useless warrior. They lost because of... bad matchups. I think they're around 1350 now... This is why Melvin wants Maj to go back to POM... to be on this team.

So.. Melvin was telling me about a 3v3 game he was in... he and the team got pwnd by 2 players... a resto druid and a frost mage. ("Do ya see now how nasty frost is? Oh.. the frost mage was simple, that druid was the problem...")

"And after we were dead, a ne hunter came outta shadowmeld... I think he was auditioning the other two!"

BTW... in 5's... we ran across a team, druid, 2 rogues, pally and warrior. We killed the pally and warrior and then, wtf? Wait... wait... nothing else... stealth gems pop, we find a rogue... wait ... then run around... Maj finds the druid... finally, after 5 or so minutes, we find the last rogue, named illy.

Team name... "now try to find Illy."

Melvin.. "I think we attacked them before they were ready!"


ArmsandFury said...

Something you forgot to add there. The first team we beat when the decent characters gets on is a team with at least 4 Shaman.

Now look, when I am playing Herk I am in the thick of things and really can not tell how many were elemental but at least 2 were and maybe 3.

The next world's worst warrior is beating my Shaman with me!!!! instead of finding his own.

The chain lightnings start and Maj hada kill at least 2 of the buggers from the scorecard I saw and I killed another 2.

Not 1 of our guys died. Not 1... we get out and while the other are busy with their happy circle jerk of victory, I am the only one to say "What a shit team."

Melvin, "I toasted that one shaman!"

One last reader quote from Melvin while on his Feral Druid which Mabd should have really included.

"I killed a pet!"

Merckx said...

This is the greatest line of all time

Melvin.. "I think we attacked them before they were ready!"

You need to start a comic strip about your arena teams, or please at the very least can you record them and vent and make a movie? I would pay good money for a copy of those.

Ceolwulf said...

This stuff just keeps getting better.

"And after we were dead, a ne hunter came outta shadowmeld... I think he was auditioning the other two!" - got a good laff out of that :)