Monday, May 12, 2008

Yeah, he's built just like a quarterback and swears he'll testify...

Today's song lyric is for Fedaykin. It's the ULTIMATE texas rock song.

Anyway.. weird damn weekend. Ima in an abusive relationship, and I ain't talkin about the one with melvin. It was Kim's birthday sunday... and you aint screwed until your b-day is on mother's day or christmas. Just sayin. So I took kim to see Iron Man. Liked the movie, but I have the usual complaints about how hollywood sees the military...

Anyway, we had a discussion about when we were goin.
Me: "We can go early..."
Her: "Sure.. gimme a call about 11am..."
Me: "That's kinda early... Ima be up late doin the game..."
Her: "Well... just call whenever..."

So I get a call at 11am. From Kim. After a long night killin stuff.
Kim: "Just wanted to tell you that I was sleeping in late, so I called you so you wouldn't call me and wake me up."

Now THATS abuse. At least her pally is finally 70.

Onto the Melvin funhouse!

Melvin moved his mage and tankin druid to my guild. This doesn't quite make me happy, but at least the whole crew is around now. The problem... Melvin is no longer getting requests to tank... *gasp*

So he's thinking about moving back to his old guild, which "values" tanks more...

So... sat night... Melvin gets into a group for the heroic of the day... Underbog.

An hour later, all his friends... (and two of his enemies, me and arms&fury) get into another group for underbog. Magebert's pally tanking, Palmy's pally healin, the world's worst warrior as dps, Arms&Fury's boomkin as dps, and Majeure the wonderful, frost mage sani pari.

We blow through with only 3 wipes. (One and a half caused by the world's worst warrior) We finish.. get the loot, turn in... and check the friends list... Melvin is still in UB.

An hour later... Melvin finally shows in Shat.
"You finished! Grats!"
"No... I just had to repair..."

Another half hour, and Melvin earns his bonus 2 badges. He blames the healer, who only had 6k life.

So... Unbound finally got into Kara. We wiped twice on Nightbane, then killed him, wiped once on Illhoof, decided we didn't have what it takes, and stopped after chess. All in all, 5.5 hours, 15 badges... and every freaking boss dropped mail. Unbound got a new dps chest, 5 healing items (mail shoulders, gloves, belt and leather pants and boots) AND the schema for the crit scope. AND curator dropped the shammy glove item. (which I passed on outta respect for the undergeared rogue in the group. We de'ed 3 mail items Unbound didn't need...)

All in all, a nice run. Even if everyone is threatening to never run with Unbound, the loot tauren (better than loot ninja, doan ya think?) again.

BTW... more on enhance gearing problems... my new dps chest has a LOT of mp5 regen.

Look people... enhance shammies DO NOT run outta mana in raids. Ima sorry. It don't happen. By the time you get to the bottom of your mana pool, shamanistic rage is back online. I would die, reincarnate, heal myself till I ran outta mana, run back to the fight, and be back at full before the fight ended.

Mp5 is useless for melee shammies. It takes the place of crap we really need more of... sta, str, ap and crit. Oh, and leave off the damn +hit. Ima hit capped at 30, and due to gearing problems, am running around with 80 +hit. (you really can't get away from it...)

Just another side to the hunter/shammy dps mail hate fest...

One thing... dps as melee is AWESOME. Curator fight was insane, with Unbound bouncing around beating down flares. Rest of the time, Unbound had to struggle to avoid pullin aggro offa a tier 5 tank. (who wasn't terribly impressive, but that's another story...) Its a lot more frenetic than the stand and shoot hunter/mage style. And I like to think Unbound represented herself well :)


Ratshag said...

They got big long roads out there.

While back, friend of mine was starting her first heroic - UB or SP, forget which - as I was logging ta go ta sleep. Next morning, I gets up, she's still in there. Ouch.

Gratz to Unbound, and all her shiny new purples.

sonvar said...

If the tank is doing his job and CC is working the only piece he should worry about on the healer is their mana pool and +healing. And as far as not being needed well it happens some guilds are strapped for positions whereas some bigger guilds do have a plethora of them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the dedication. I regretfully admit that I haven't heard of that fellow, but I'll check that song out when I get home.

Grats on the purples for Unbound. I can't wait to get my shammy to 70 and enter the loot pinata that is Kara. Last night we hit 3 bosses after running Heroic SP, and a first-Kara Priest got 4 epics. Our Ret pally got two for his tanking set, although I'm not sure he has one.

Btw as of Sunday I am now Azorius, Champion of the Naaru. Yeehaw!