Friday, May 30, 2008

You know I took the poison from the poison stream

This one is for Kimmu-sempai, and those of you of more scientific bent.

Looks like the Tasmanian Devil might be on the verge of extinction due to...

The world's only known lethal contagious cancer.

Some populations have a 90% infection rate... and life expectancy after infection is like 6 months.

Doan google pictures of the sick devils. Ima serious, itsa terrible freaking disease.

Good luck Taz. The world would suck without you.

BTW... heresa link to a story on a non lethal contagious cancer.. who knew dogs had STD's?


Stupid Mage said...

omg, that's so sad...

Vart said...

as an aussie, there is hope. A small area of Tasmania, where the devil lives, is completely cancer free, and on top of that zoos are taking young and quarantining them to create breeding programs. It is a terrible thing to see on these beautiful creatures, and hopefully science can find the answers. BTW thanks for highlighting the plight of such a rarely seen animal, whom most people know simply as Taz