Friday, May 30, 2008

I am not worried- I am not overly concerned

First things first... If'n Ratter doan lay offa the Nelf Lesbian Strangeness... Ima have to link him on some of the Furvert forums... and he can come face to face with the absolute zero of weird. Sudden bear on top indeed!

Second, I hada conversation with my guild's mage class lead. You know.. the one that banned Melvin and his brother from raiding? She's given Maj the ok for lighter raids, and when I get the spell damage up, she'll be clear for full content.

I haven't told Melvin yet.

So anyway.. the title of this post was supposed to be "How Sever got her groove back!"

See... I gotta lotta alts. I got Mabd, the uber orc hunter. Majeure, the lethal belf frost mage. Unbound, storm and fury enchance shammy.

But then there are the scrubs... who just didnt make the grade.

Tragedy, the 32 ret pally.
Heartless, the 30 affliction lock.
And then there's Sever, my first char on the server, a 35 arms warrior.

Sever also serves as my bank alt.

Well... Mabd went JC a coupla weeks back. And over the weekend, I finally got the skill up to 360ish. In the process... well... theres a ton of money in cuttin and selling uncommon gems. Ima makin bank.

Why am I sayin this? Well.. first, jc cutting patterns for rare gems are insano expensive. And second... theres this thing called brilliant glass. Ida link it, but ima at work, and can't :(

Brilliant glass turns 18 uncommon gems (3 of each type) into one rare gem.

This wassa good idea back when uncommon gems were goin fer 1g each. But since they no longer spawn offa mining nodes... they substantially more expensive. Ima thinking that one use of Brilliant glass costs 75g in mats. Ima also thinking that talasite, one of the rare gems you can make with Brilliant glass... goes for 5g.

So anyway... makin money and leveling skills cheaply are more complicated than one would suspect. But Sever is doin just fine now, and ima clearing a ton of cash these days...

Enough to afford the 1k I hadta drop for the teardrop living ruby pattern. And enough to get Maj her hippiegryph, after she grinds the last 8k rep with CE.

Some tips fer those leveling JC... you gonna need thorium ore... and lots of it. Best place fer it is Silithus. Those bugs are no longer elite, and theres tons of rich nodes... I was averaging 3 stacks an hour with Unbound.

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Anonymous said...

I personally found Ungoro to be a good place for Thorium along with Burning Steppes. But to each their own as far as mining goes. Maybe its been a while since I've done a lot of active mining but I could've swore that I was still getting gems from mining nodes.

Also I'm really curious what Melvin's reaction is gonna be that your Alt mage got the go ahead to start doing raiding while he's banned.