Sunday, June 29, 2008

And burn my shadow away!

She'sa resto!

Too damn much druid gear tho. And the chants costa fortune. Still, ima shocked at what I managed to get.

Blew all my arena points fer season 3 chest. Ran EotS till my eyes bled for the tokens fer season 2 weapon and shield.

Rest are kara drops. Cept for the pvp melee cloak, which ima keepin, since I only got 130 resil. Final count.

250/82 mp5 (miserable... but thats without water shield. anyone got a good resto mp5 goal to shoot for?)

1616 +healing (still freaked I got it that high. damn....)

10k life

9k mana

Ima little light fer a tier 5 raid or so. And big problem with the coupla druid pieces I got (bleh spirit)

Still... resto shammies rock. In BGS I was soloing rogues. It was humiliating. And there was a classic battle where I killed an arms warrior at the flag... healed up in time to kill another one.

In arena... Ima only in trouble if I get a MS warrior and rogue teamin me. Which seems to be all the time. Tons of WRD teams out there.

On the bright side, I met a decked out arms warrior in BGS from my server that asked me to join his pvp guild and asked if I hada 3v3 team :)

Um... so I founda really sweet healing macro. Heals, in order... mouseover, target, target's target, then self. Self heal on right click. I pwn the battle ground. And the target target feature rules in tight fights.

I think I mentioned before about magebert's priest. (Magebert is Melvin's brother. Hesa lawyer, and is moderately less incompent than Melvin.) His priest is, of course, elaborately geared, and tended to be main healer in the old old guild. Less so in the new one.

So I was tryin to talk shop with magebert bout healin.

-"Which spells do you downrank?"
"er.. whats that?"

-"um... what macros do you use then?"
"Oh, I have healing macros that heal myself!"
-"ah... you doan turn on self target on right click?"
"whats that?"

So... gonna be grinding honor for quite some time for better arena gear fer the shammy. And avoiding conversations with Magebert and Melvin.

Oh yeah... week before last, Melvin's kara group wiped twice on chess. Ima still not sure what to make of that.

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Anonymous said...

If you wipe on Chess then that means you have no sort of communication going on nor any strategy for it. Chess is supposed to be free loot and if his group wipes on that I'm pretty sure they'll fail on prince.

As a Resto Shaman you certainly have better options for spells. As a Resto druid my hope is rooting and going between moonfire/wrath. And my death comes mostly from stuns. I can deal with MS Strike debuff but stuns are what end me. Which is why rogues are such a pain.