Monday, June 16, 2008

Leave me out with the waste, this is not what I do...

Since BRK did a coupla pieces on PVE server PVE ettiquette... I thought I'd show ya some PVP server stuff.

See that dead and broken Nelf huntard down there?

He went afk on his flying mount. Within 41" of someplace I could land. You know what we call people who do this?


I doan even gank, asa rule. But goin AFK, where we can get at you? It's like mooning someone and then sticking around. You just ASKING for the butt-whipping you get.

Realted notes... almost have all the macros and addons reset for the new computer. I can finally run recount now! And recount kicks insane ass!

(Ifn ya doan know... recount is a damage meter that gives ya pie charts... misses, crits, resists... min, max and average damage... its really nice)

Ran regular SV with a pally friend of mine who just respecced prot. In our group... Majeure the magnificent. Anda Ret pally, decked out ina epics.

That damn pally matched me blow for blow on the damage meters. I only really pulled away when I started doin balls to the wall damage. (This is a BRKism. Ima not sure where it comes from, he explained it once, but after "there I was nailing up some plywood when I had a little accident" I kinda couldn't listen anymore...)

Anyway, when did ret pallys start doin real damage?

Oh yeah, cheap ass frost mage tricks... Blizzard is affected by haste effects. So ifn ya pop icy veins... bliz runs 20% faster... I was actually able to make that crappy spell worthwhile for a coupla seconds there...

Still best AoE for a frost build is Frost nova, cone of cold, and the AE till CoC comes back on. Refresh the nova a coupla times with elemental... you get sick dps results... only problem is gettin that close to mobs :(

About time to respec Maj outta 61 points in frost. Some arcane I like better. And I gotta idea what frost talents I really doan need.

K... so AV was the daily last night. I get Unbound in there. Weird goddamn game. We NEVER got SH gy. Or any GY for that matter. We were ruinning outta IB the entire time. Won by camping the towers around SH, while laying siege to the allies at SHGY. Then elite teams moved up and took out the DB towers.

Meanwhile the Allies got IB tower, and nuttin else. Makin em wipe 4 times on galv was awesome...

Anyway... there I am, just finished recapping tower point. Killed the feral druid guarding the flag... and in pops a resto druid. And I get to fight the elf bastard for 5 goddamn minutes. Him moonfiring me, me spamming windfury and purge, with me helplessly waiting for the son of a bitch to run outta mana. I sure as hell wasn't, with the water shield and mana totem. Still... this is just freaking stupid. Paladins are no longer the cockroaches of the battlefield...

Thanks for the music recommendations, all!


Hunter and pet said...

love damien rice

if you like them, try the fruit bats (find 'em on itunes and dl mouthfuls. it's rewarding).

- troll on a powerbook

Cuppycake said...

Yes! Damien Rice! =)

Anonymous said...

I realized Resto Druids were cockroaches shortly after I started doing 2v2 with my BM hunter. It takes alot of focus fire and stuns/interrupts to down them. If you have an MS warrior or if you can keep the Aimed Shot debuff on them it's not so bad. With just an Enhance Shammy versus a decently geared Resto Druid that battle will take a while especially if you're outside.

Ceolwulf said...

As one who has a couple night elves on a PvP server ... shadowmeld is your bestestest friend

Smokybg said...

Actually, resto shaman are the new cockroaches of the battlefield... Endless mana through water shield is anything but balanced, plus they wear mail and a shield :-)