Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Well its not a fight, and I'm not your captive

This was just a fun screenshot. In the background, we see the grounding totem that failed to catch the freeze trap. It's what, 15' away?

It looks 15 away.

So Nelf Hunter scattershots me. And tries to kite. Unfortunately, she caught me with the scatter right after I'd hit her with the old frost shock goodness. By the tim I got outta the shot, I was ready to hit her again.

Scattershot... I know how the game is played... she's gotta trap dropped, I gotta grounding totem dropped, she's trying to kite (and failing miserably).

I get pulled too far from the grounding totem, and the trap gets me.

So... Nelf... some admiration here for your restraint. You waited till I was too far from the totem to be saved. I dunno if this was intentional. Still...

Ya waited to long. And I hope that little period where my frozen hooves stood over yuir crushed and broken body will teach ya to break contact with the mean old enhance shammy faster...

BTW... grats Wulfa. I think. Itsa special feeling, but also a hollow one. Back at the job from hell, there was a special feeling of despair when you were in the store, watching the sun come up... for the second time in your shift. (Worse for me, it was always X-mas when I was pullin a 28 hr shift...) Plz doan play the game when it stops being fun. That way lays burnout, and we'd miss you :(


Anonymous said...

Coming into this reminded me of going to BRK's old site I think the layout was at least very similar looking. I also was not aware that grounding totem worked against a freezing trap. Not many shammies must know about it or else I'd seen this at least once by now.

ArmsandFury said...

Why am I "liked" in the past tense. When was this?