Friday, June 27, 2008

This wounded heart will rise

Euripedes suggests all +sta gems for my mage chest.

I really doan like this. It makes too much sense... but Ima pushin 10k health. And have ice barrier and ice block. I really really want damage.

Ima currently leaning towards either 1 spell damage and 2 mix damage/haste gems... and pick up the +4 crit socket bonus... or just three +damage gems. Ima woefully under spellpowered on the toon now... 840 without buffs. And I have too much +crit. I should start shifting to the warlock boots, belt and bracers... but ima still ambivalent on losing too much crit. When I get goin, that near 40% frost crit gets truly lethal. Ima still not sure how haste will work in arena. Healz, hell yeah. But for a frost mage, who has nuttin but time anyway?


Ima big fan of mac and cheese. It was brought to this country by Thomas Jefferson, who spent time in France and Italy as america's ambassador to france.

So anyway.. instead of grinding honor for my new gear, I ended up watching a pair of food network shows on mac and cheese. The first was Good Eats. And ifn you a foodie, this is the most addictive show ever! The thing about mac and cheese... itsa real easy to make from scratch. And itsa infinitely versatile. Good eats showed the basics and theory.

Then came food network's challenge show. 5 restaurant chefs competing for a $10k prize... makin mac and cheese.

Why am I talkin about this? Cuz itsa lesson on life. The first round... traditional mac and cheese. Must included elbow macaroni and cheddar cheese.

Only one chef made anything like a traditional mac and cheese. She won the round. (It was a 10 cheese mac and cheese dish...)

The rest.. well... two others did well, but the people that got too fancy ended up losing.

Second round, signature dish. Must include a form of pasta and a form of cheese.

I saw everything. Cheesecake with ravioli crust. One dude used a frozen gnocci (think italian dumpling) and was ripped by the judges...

"Why didn't you just make the gnocci yourself? It only takes 15 minutes, and its the heart of your dish..."

Then they did an interview with the guy where he was fuming... "I know damn well that B*tch doesn't grow her own food! I'd like to see her try to make and serve gnocci in 15 minutes!"

See.. and this goes to the general rule of asshattery... those that can't do, asshat. And Asshats never listen to constructive criticism. The criticism was that he din't make the pasta himself. I *KNOW* you can make gnocci with the right gear in less than 15 minutes. I've seen it done (and eaten the results! yum!) Frozen gnocci is not worth the bother. He wasn't tasked to make and serve it. (After you make it, you need to boil it for 4-5 min...)

It would have made his dish better, and him a better cook. Did he listen? Hell no.

Then there was the really cute chef chick who kept saying she wanted to deck the judges...

Who won? The laidback guy who made lobster mac and cheese. John Besh, my home boy and one of the judges, made the point... if ya take a handful of simple ingredients... mac, cheese, lobster... and doan screw em up... you can do wonders... everyone else went overboard.

What does this have to do with life?

When someone is telling you yuir doin something wrong... and they have their own show (or top rated arena team), freaking listen. Don't distort what they say so you can feel unfairly picked on.

Keep it freaking simple. Doan go overboard. (Ima trying to talk myself into +spell damage)

And mac and cheese totally freaking RULZ!


Euripedes said...

It all depends on who, exactly, your arena partners are going to be, and what arena size you'll be participating in.
For example, in a 5v5 where you've got a couple healy types on your time, you can socket up that damage, you don't need the health quite as bad.
If you're in a 2v2 with a rogue, you're going to need the stamina, as most teams will react with "ZOMG KILL THE MAGE!'

Or at least that's what they do on Stormstrike.

lethal said...

I make my Mac cheese with bacon.
Made a lot last night, it being my favourite meal.
on Death row: 'ill have the mac cheese as my last meal thanks'

Keep up the good blog!