Thursday, June 12, 2008

We were perfect when we started, I've been wondering where we've gone...

With arena season 2 weeks off... Ima gonna be spending a ton of time on the shammy getting her as much honor/tokens as I can.

So... I was wondering... is there a pay pal for honor? Or BG tokens? Wouldn't it be loverly if there was?

Papa John's is setting me off again. For the deal with me and Papa John's... look here...

Whole wheat crust? I mean... like they doan have a pizza dough so dry and tasteless that they have to give ya garlic butter to wash it down with? Some idiot actually thought... "Ya know... we need a crappier pizza! But more healthy! Cuz nuttin goes with grease and cheese like a health food crust!"

Itsa whole buncha things. I am struck time and time again by absolute stupidity in the marketplace. I could go on about the place I work... but let me just frame it with a single story. I need SEVEN freaking passwords, changed every 2 weeks, to do my damn job. I have three different ID cards.

They even gave us an ID card to use when we log into one of our databases... the bulk of my coworkers just leave the damn thing in the computer 24/7. Yep! That's security!

I do heavy market research. My main online research site got BLOCKED by my IT department. It took a week to get unblocked.

K... on a more market side. I went to my neighborhood office depot. (What? Your neighborhood doesn't have one? Shame!)

"I need some canned air, plz!"
"Oh, we don't have that. It always sells out the day we get it in."

K... you peeps prob know what canned air is.

And BTW, Wiki... "erroneously referred to as canned air?"

You can kiss my ass.

Anyway... everyone needs this for the care and maintenance of computers. (Plus its uber cool for messing with pets!) Get that nasty dust outta the case. And Office Depot can't be bothered to keep it in stock. BTW... the markup on this is like 50%.

OTOH, I went to Microcenter sat... on the way out, what should I see in the impulse buy (checkout) aisle but STACKS OF CANNED AIR. Which is why Microcenter is driving places like CompUSA outta business.

Itsa difference of attitude. One place wants to sell you whatever you want, the other wants to sell you whatever they have.

Lastly... such is my despair I have fallen into a pattern of shocking self abuse. No... ima not cutting myself... ( I knew a dude who did... a strange affliction...)

No, its worse than that. Ima watching Star Trek: Enterprise.

Ima stunned it lasted 4 years. Itsa monumental piece of crap. I may get into some snarky observations on it later... maybe when I post my "Why Ima Looking forward to The Hulk" piece.

Why am I bringing this up? Ima compulsive commercial watcher. One way to keep an unofficial track of the economy, and yuir place in it, is to keep track of what they think they can sell you based on what you watch. So what offering were they hawking during ST:Enterprise?


So really... if you ever get the feeling that it's either you or them and that the rest of humanity can't be COMPLETELY crazy, that it has to make a kind of sense that you simply can't see... rest assured. It's all them.


Dammerung said...

Someone please please tell me how firefly gets sacked and Star Crap: Crappyprise goes 4 seasons?

I had other comments and then I saw you mention that show and lost my mind.

Dagashai said...

Actually... I was chatting with a friend at another blog (my archeologist friend)... about battlestar galactica. And our consensus was...

Imagine what Whedon could have done with this budget!

(Or Strazinsky... Babylon 5 is still my favorite space opera...)

Merckx said...

Your putting to much thought into commercials. Advertisers pay for a certain number of airing during different time blocks. You can buy specific time like the Super Bowl or during the finally of Sinfield, but that really only during big rating shows (which Enterprise is not). For the must part though, commercials are just randomly throw in with a few minor rules like no competing car commercials back to back or no alcohol during kids programing.

bm said...

Out here in Illinois, every CompUSA has already been put out of business by tiger direct, best buy, and circuit city. Tiger direct is the only place I go to out here if I need computer stuff.

Ngita said...

No just make BG tokens.Heroic badges and rep!!!! usable across your account.

My main has 400 badges 400 tokens,70k honor and exalted rep with pretty much everything worth getting rep with.

My brand new shammy 4 hours @ 70?. Well 50k honor and 100 av tokens courtesy of level 60 av. But pretty zilch on everything else. 40 eots tokens for 2x s2 weapons? /shudder.

Anonymous said...

ZOMG. Did you say NoVa? Manassas/Centreville ftw.

But did you say you don't have a car? How do you not partake in the wonderful we traffic we have in this area?

Microcenter is Hawt, but there are @ 5 used computer shops within 3 miles of my house. Anything I need, it is there.

Anonymous said...

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