Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Give me back my bullets!


That's all I gotta say. Meh.

Finally cracked 1550 with Arms and Fury. My shammy has her brutal pants, which are hidden by her damn dress. I think I've compained about that before...

In the run up to Wrath of teh Lolking... Ima trying to think about what character Ima gonna level first. And last.

At this point I like playing the mage least. (poor Majeure). OTOH, the new mage talents excite me the most. Mabd is probably gonna be leveled solo, cuz thats what hunters do. That just leaves the shammy...

I can probably hitchhike with some friends, and stay resto for a bit while we group quest. Since itsa pvp server... well... don't go alone, as the saying goes. Still, the burnout factor is getting to me. I can't bother to run my mage through the daily BG's... a bad sign.

I really gotta stop doin arena on monday nights. I get too keyed up to get back to sleep. Last night, after Arms and I finished, I ran unbound through the BG daily, EotS.

And here's yuir resto shammy tip of the day. If your not worried about mana, or even if you are... healing stream totem is *very* useful. A lotta times, you'll want to use poison cleanse totem... but sometimes, that's not really gonna help.

At my current gearing... healing stream totem gives 240 health per 2 seconds. Pop that and earth shield... and we get what happened last night... where I slaughtered two undergeared rogues who weren't usin wound poison... just me, and my fire elemental, inside the mage tower. Even with both of em beatin on me, my life bar wasnt budging (stoneskin totem had something to do with it...)

So anyway... arena...

We hada breakthrough of sorts last night. Unbound adds her damage (and purges) to Arms against pallies. And the pallies will go down. Unbound will stay up a lot longer than a pally bein focus fired... and bloodlust makes my heals 1.1 seconds... so pop earth shield, drop healing totem, and go to town on bubble boy. A grounding totem will stop the pally stun, and the occasional war stomp, or nature's swiftness emergency heal will keep me up, even witha MS applied.

Mage/Rogue is still a nightmare. Sigh... any advice?

Oh yeah... t.v. recommendation. This show is gettin a lotta buzz.. and since it falls into one of my science geek interests (evolutionary biology).. I thought I'd pass it along.


Merckx said...

Yeah, take a month or two off from wow. It worked for me. I'm back with some friends (who were on a break as well) and we're all enjoying 5 mans and BGs again.

sunjun said...


Chu said...

Since you asked, Mage/Rog is a nightmare for Shaman/Warrior. What you should do is put ES on their focus target (you first) and have your warrior stick to the rogue like glue while line of sighting the mage. If the warrior has to prioritize line of sighting the mage over dpsing the rog, he should, popping in and out of range to avoid sheeps.

If he gets nova'd and is going to eat a poly, he should either fear (if he can to force a cooldown) but at that point it becomes your responsibility to shock and ground the next two polies so he can get back around the pillar.

It's a very very difficult fight and you need to play perfectly to pull it off!