Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The plastic face forced to portray

Yep. Itsa Melvin post.

I did a crap load of arena last week. Over 60 games, which for me isa lot. Most of em were with Arms and Fury, but I also pugged Majeure into a rogue/mage 2's.

And I have to say... I was not prepared. I really suck with my mage at 2's. Didn't help that half the teams we played were Pally/Warrior.

Did a few games with Arm's boomkin and mabd. And those went pretty well. Itsa nice combo, plenty of cc, plenty of resistance to cc, and we slaughter mage/rogue teams. Went like 9-2, lost to a lock/druid team due to bad teamwork... (I swear to god there's something wrong with his head... he was usin tranquility more than lifebloom...)

And we lost to a elemental shammy/pom mage team.

Now, I've been tryin to come up with a team from all the various toons hanging around my friends group. I do this rather than drink heavily. I may yet reconsider...

One idea... take Melvin and his brother's uber geared POM mages, add my resto shammy, and see what we can do in threes. The problem... they're both idiots. And by that I mean... they don't even use a POM macro.

"It always hangs up!"

I spent yesterday doin the proposal to Melvin. And I told him... he has to have a POM macro. This is non negotiable. It takes him too damn long to trigger POM, Arcane Power and then hit pyro... My shammy has dueled him and purged both offa him before...

And then there was that time in arena when he POM'ed a water conjure.

And well... he has a tendency to POM/Pyro pets.

Why am I doin this to myself?

Um... postscript. Long postscript. For some weird damn reason, I can't post comments to BRK's blog. This usually isn't a problem, since I don't usually have anything original to contribute :(

However, I had something happen yesterday that reminded me offa BRK thing from sometime ago.

I havea coworker named David. Now, David is interesting. But he is also old.. and lonely. I mentioned too much disposable income asa problem that Melvin has, right? Well... that's a lot of us here. We get paid a lot... and tend to be anti-social. So we have weird hobbies. Mine is hidin from cleavage... and BTW Sony... loved the post title :)

David collects movies. Old movies. OLD OLD movies. And yesterday I was trapped with him while he recounted his latest additions, including some old serial films.

For those too young to know... before TV, people would go to the movies and watch episodes of action "serials." They would be about 15-20 minutes each, and would be shown before the movie proper. If you ever wonder why old time movies tended to be about one and a half hours long or less... its cuz there was usually about 45 minutes of newsreels, cartoons, and serials shown before hand. Which is why longer movies like Citizen Kane tended to do poorly...

K... I know, long long story... anyway... the typical 12 episode serial hadda formula. Episode 10, the good guys find the bad guys' hideout. Episode 11, the big showdown at the end of which the good guy would stand over the defeated bad guy and maka speech about how evil will never triumph. Episode 12, the happy ending and comedy bits. Guy gets girl, monkey gets banana, whatever...

A while back, BRK stumbled over the meaning of the word penultimate. He was usin it as "second best." It actually means "second to last." And here's why penultimate is a word in the english language...

A LOT of western literature follows a certain pattern. Whether poetry or prose... the penultimate, or second to last chapter or verse... or in the case of a movie serial, the penultimate episode... is the part that has the resolution of the plot, or poem. The LAST episode... or verse... tends to be an epilogue... "and they all lived happily ever after."

This has been goin away. We dont usually have happy endings anymore. Shakespeare would end his plays with a wedding (or in case of drama, funeral) scene. We cut these scenes out now. One example was Burgess' A Clockwork Orange in which the final chapter (in which Alex grows up) was excised from the american edition until recently.

So, anyway... that's penultimate for you.


Pablo said...

1. Wonderful explanation of penultimate...I never knew that before.

2. I can't always comment on BRK's blog either, even from home, I get a 'must enable java and cookies' error.

3. love your blog!

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