Friday, August 1, 2008

I like the touch and the smell of all the pretty dresses you wear

Who's up fer some cross dressing?

Well... looks like shammies, doan it?

Smoky and Raynmaker left some terrifying comments on my last post.

Um... shammies agil/crit is gettin changed to match that of hunters cuz shammy agil/ap is ALSO gettin changed to match that of hunters.


So my main question... will our hard earned epic gear be converted as well, or will all that +str (which will now give only +1 ap per point) gear be beat senseless by the uncaring blizz nerf bat?

There has been a question raised on many a blog in the last few weeks... why bother with WotLK? Why not ignore it until a few weeks before it pops?

Here's a big answer... cuz its entirely possible all that epic gear you've been gathering will be rendered obsolete... we have at most... 5 months? And all the enhance shammies out there are loadin up on +str pvp mail MIGHT be better served by pickin out hunter gear for the big switch?

Oh god, I so hate hunters now, and I AM ONE. /cry

So... here's the deal.
1. Those offset drops are gonna be kinda important. And they gonna include hunter gear now. Be warned, hunters!
2. Keep in mind that that season 4 pvp gear might not be worth keepin for WotLK... at least fer enhance. So be careful spendin points towards october. You might wanna pick up a coupla diff pieces when WotLK comes out, especially since we've been told that high end gear will last us a lot longer in WotLK than it did in BC.
3. Blizz is promising yet another shammy overhaul... make no plans. Shammies are kinda screwed, much as druids and pallies are, since we have no clue what we're gonna need, gear wise, when we start leveling again. The whole "healz and tank builds will be viable" aint gonna cut it... spec since blizz is ALSO tellin us we're might get two diff builds to switch in and outta at will... which we wouldnt really need if tank/heal builds were viable.


Ima go see teh movie this weekend. Even if my movie partner is makin noises about Mamma Mia. Which scares me about as much as the threat of bein locked in a room with Jesse Jackson anda pair of scissors.

P.S. Fer Sony

P.P.S. Fer the rest of you pervos.


Raynmaker, Alevas (Uther) said...

Noobed - I guess my comments came from thinking about lvl 80 gearing up instead of the actual leveling from 70 to 80... and comparing that gearing up for enhancement (which was horrible if you don't include the pvp gear as viable pve gear - there was almost no mail available in 5mans that had strength on it). I leveled my hunter first and found the same problem - no agility anywhere to be found except on the Dungeon 2 set (Beastmaster's).

So, I'm focused much more on gearing up at 80 than I am the level "grind"... though I'm not sure that term will apply for Lich King because I'm hearing some GREAT things about quest chains and interaction being phenomenal.

I guess, since all but one of my characters are on a pve server (the pvp gear doesn't matter much to me since I don't have to "fight" my way to 80 through other players), I haven't cared much about losing my epics from BC, as they'll all be gone within 3-4 levels anyways (I'm currently sporting 3/8 T6 as resto, and I have the T6 shoulders for enh, plus BT ring, hands, isle badge rewards, etc etc for enhancement). I just expect to replace them all relatively quickly with the expansion and then begin the gear up for/at 80.

sunjun said...