Friday, August 15, 2008

Seven for a secret, never to be told...

I'm reading a pretty good book right now. Basically a redo of Bladerunner, except in a darker universe. I don't exactly agree with the author's politics but... he's a good writer. I'll put up with a lot for quality of prose.

I borrowed it from Kim. I really need to spend more time with her... but I lack motivation. And she's not terribly mobile right now. I think I'll see if she wants to make a night of Anime/Movies around labor day... I should have the monday off to recover. The writer of one of my non-wow blogs commented the other day that he got dumped because he wasn't "emotionally supportive" enough of his GF's dog. Um... dibs? Keep up the good work, buddy! (If I lose Kim, I gotta go back to watching movies with Melvin)

Speaking of books and companionship... among Melvin's many vices... he has way too much disposable income. He lives alone, owns his own condo, has minimal responsibilities... and wouldn't be caught dead at anything approaching a fun place. All he does is play WoW and read really crappy fantasy. Well... its not like he can tell... So, remember, Ima grade A opportunistic asshole? Here's how I've been exploiting the situation. I hava current issue with mail. As in, I can't get packages... I still need to firebomb someone over the USPS's failure to deliver me my BC collector's edition. Never got it... still had to pay for it. So anyway... melvin has quite kindly allowed me to ship stuff to his condo, which has a concierge (someone on premise at all times to receive things like packages...) The problem? Well Melvin bein Melvin, he goes through my packages to see if there's anything he'd be interested in. Since its all books and dvds... I sometimes get them a bit late. HOWEVER... I have begun using this to my advantage...
Melvin: "This was pretty good!"
Noobed:" Well, its the first in a 7 book series, and there are 4 more already out..."
Melvin:"I'll have to rush out and get them!"
Melvin has been quite generous lending me his books, you see...

Melvin is beginning to despair about arena. He still has only topped 1550 in one team... that Arms and I put together. So he sidled up to me the other day...
Melvin:"So that frost build you've been using does well in arena, you say?"
Noobed:"Uh huh... you know, you can go to and lookup what the top arena mages are usin, spec wise..."
Melvin:"No that's too much trouble... but my brother and I have been talking, and we were thinking we might need to change our spec.. would you come up with one for us?"

Not just Melvin drivin me nuts. My brother has decided to go back to college. At age 37. He has, I think, 9 credit hours already. And my parents will be footing the bill. And, by the way... he has two kids (via a female he never bothered marrying) to support. And he won't be working. A shame his career as a poker player never really worked out... he plays a boomkin in arena, and gets his 8 year old son to grind/farm for him...

The old grind at work is startin to get to me. Ever since the downstairs cafeteria stopped selling bottled frappuccino I've been draggin. One of those anda donut... and something is getting the hell done. Otherwise... bleh. So I managed to get one today... and one of my supervisors asked me what the hell I was doin... the report I had just finished wasn't due for another week! Ima gettin a weird reputation at work... one of my friends told me she was shocked that I hadn't gotten fired for an inappropriate comment yet. I gotta get more supportive friends... Maybe blaming rising commodity prices on the impending rapture wasn't the best of ideas... OTOH, I'm the one that gets the weird damn questions. Cuz I know what I'm doin, and take my time to get it right.

So... a while back, Arms and Fury dared me to tell the 15 second story... so it's like this. I was in town for a wedding, and we'd planned on me crashing at his place for a night to hang out and chat. It was, by the way, an awesome wedding. I really shouldn't have gotten that drunk before the sabre dance tho. Anyway.. I pop up at Arms place, he drops Troy in the DVD player... and then he gets a phone call. See... he'd just started datin the woman who has since become his wife, Sony, who musta just gotten back from Mag's lair, cuz that chest is EPICZ! (Itsa inside joke) And so... a coupla minutes later, Sony shows up, and she and Arms go back into his room and... well...
I've been more uncomfortable in my life, but that mostly involved getting weapons pointed at me. So I watch Troy alone, with the volume turned up. And after it's over, I put in some Cowboy Bebop. And watch a few episodes of that. With the volume turned up. Which was probably a bad idea... considering how patently thin the walls were. Four hours later... he and sony emerge... sony looks happy while arms looks a little sheepish. I glared at both of them and hissed... "Fifteen Seconds!"
Arms looks at me and asks me what the hell I'm talking about.
"It only takes dolphins fifteen seconds, and they spend all their time naked on a beach!"


Merckx said...

"It only takes dolphins fifteen seconds, and they spend all their time naked on a beach!

I love it, lol, amazing.

But, seriously no way it was 4 hours, is that guy a machine?

Sugras said...

Oh the comments I could make about my experiences with those two.

I was left in the living room to play Soul Caliber 2. Fortunately I wasn't left there for 4 hours.

Another time I was doing my best to sleep on one of their couches while they were on the other couch. I did my best not to look as I have seen ArmsAndFury's a$$ so many times I just couldn't take another flash or I might have gone blind. -just think of the moon when it takes up the whole sky-

the list could go on, but i will leave him with a little dignity.

ArmsandFury said...

I am not a machine but I do take my time. A fact my partners appreciate I might add!

Can't really say anything to Sugars other than... Don't be jealous!

Can't really say anything to Noobed other than... didn't you ask me for tips when we hit IHOP after?

hip said...

lol.. we were on a mission.

sunjun said...