Monday, September 29, 2008

Every man's conscience is vile and depraved

It's embarassing to admit how long it took me to learn the right way how to peel garlic.

Arms&Fury lost his damn mind over the weekend. Ima just tellin you. He claims itsa illness.

Thankfully, Ima few hundred miles away.

So... reason #2,2219 I hate warriors.

We was doin ring of blood fer teh ozmah. Herk tanks, I healz, everyone else dps.

Cept Herk weren't tankin. Herk was 2handed, berserk stance, deathwish poppin, warrior dpsin. Now... some clarification fer yaz.... a tank is not a tank cuz of the big gun. A tank issa tank cuz of the thick armor. With zerk stance and deathwish... well, I'd rather heal a damn lock, or rogue. Easier job fer me. Fer him... it doan matter. HERK SMASH! HERK CAN HAZ RAGE!

I've main healed gruul and seen tanks take less damage. See... this is why I ask fer pallies first fer my tankin jobs. They have a more exact understanding of the task. Warriors have always resented having to use a shield. And when they get a good healer, they toss it into the bag and go into painz mode.

Or maybe I could use a bear. Melvin is probably free.

Well, probably not. Melvin issa huge packers fan. So not only did I get to ask him how the packers did sunday (I already knew... its just more fun listening to him tell me...) I also got to point out to him that Brett Farve threw 6 touchdown passes this week! Something he never did for his old team...

I so enjoy melvin's suffering. Even if my "light banter" puts him into a catatonic state, sucking his thumb in a closet instead of bein at my beck and call.

So, Arms&Fury and I need to put in three moar games in arena this week. Did some early sunday, then had to bail. Then did one later... lasted 40 minutes.

At the end, Arms logged, claiming he was shaking from the tension. (We won, btw). I doan know why he was so freaked out... between the druid cyclone, roots, and hunter traps... Herk was cc'ed long enough to take a bio break, maka sammich, and watch a movie.

But you know itsa rough match when you have to run a daily to get enough gold to repair, anda bg to get enough honor to replace the stacks of tears you drank.

And yeah, megs... I aint forgotten you. I'll hava response up later this week.

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ArmsandFury said...

I never claimed I was tanking Ring of Blood...

Sides... was it really that hard for you?

Did I even see you drop below half mana on any one boss?


/w bomb!