Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I feel so untouched...

Yeah Ripper... water shield is definately insanely overpowered...

Once the elemental shammy fixes come in, I have serious concerns about shammy play balance.

Let's see... l33t dps, can heal themselves at will (and others) and never run outta mana when damage is flying around at random...

Sound like a good thing to have in raids?

Boomkin as well. Hrm, we'll see.

So, a little history. Back before patch 3.0 hit, things got a little dicey. The arena season was ending, and badly. (my fault.) I was running around setting up my chars for the expansion, and my mage for the great inscription run... and getting way too intense.

By which I mean, I told Dogs of War, I'm gettin really really obsessive about this inscription thing. I was posting screen shots of my herbage collection.

And well, one thing led to another, last nerves got jumped on, and I left Arms and Fury's casual guild. Which upset him a great deal, since he was counting on me to heal the rest of the crew through some end game stuff to help gear em out before the expansion. He kinda took it as a personal betrayal... and stopped talking to me for about a month and a half.

The other thing... my old guild got back together. The one I ran MC and Kara with for the first times. Melvin, Magebert, Jae, Dave and a buncha people I didn't know in real life, but spent a lotta time with online had come together again for the expansion. And I kinda wanted in.

Well, anyway.. one of the guild heads is an obsessive boomkin. Who posted on the guild forums about dps. See, we got nutjob warrior tank, who knows what the hell hes doin. We got 2 nutjob healers (me and a holy pal, poor bastard). And we got the boomkin. The rest are a bit more casual. So the boomkin laid out the law in the guild site. If you are dps... you are expected to reach about 2k dps. 1.6k at the start is the lowest acceptable. As he put it, and I couldn't agree more, it really isn't about gear. It's about knowing your class.

The next coupla weeks we're gonna be running the dps through heroics, helpin tune em for the raids. Why did I bring this up? Well, BRK had a post a bit back about uber dps. And the impending uber nerf to BM hunterdom. And I have to say... it aint just a broken class that gets you to 3k dps. It's knowing how to PLAY the broken class.

I'm just sayin.

So, rip, with the vicious amount of random wandering damage in nexx... hows frost (and ice barrier, and double ice block) lookin?

And last night, Unbound got the northrend heroic dungeon master achievement. But more on tricks of the trade, how to WTFPWN heroic old kingdom later.


ArmsandFury said...

I refrained from talking about this but you are not going to talk about it so casually.

I took it personal because you started spouting BS about filling the guild bank up with member's body parts because someone "touched" your herbs.

While I am trying frantically to see if one of my "casual" guild peeps accidently sold them... I hear from Sugars that they were only arranged into a "pattern" and not stolen out of the guild bank. Not even moved tabs.

Added to this that you didn't tell me anything and just up and quit one night when I wasn't on. You were entirely TOO dramatic about it.

Did I take it personally? You fucking A right I did. Here I am running around trying to watch out for your stuff when you don't even have the goddamn decency to give me a quick, "Hey, Ima play with some peeps over here."

I could give a fuck if you want to play with other people to do progression or what have you. Your problem is you don't know how friends are supposed to act and behave towards one another.

You have made a point of telling me you can be a dick but don't fail at being a human being. You are only at 10% when it comes to knowing how to be a friend.

There is a reason I don't tease Melvin about some of his statements and it is not because I agree with his statements.

Was I making plans to get to 10 man content? Sure I was. I told you and talked to you about it. Then you up in vanish in a drama "someone touched my herbs" cloud of smoke without telling anyone.

Then you have the nerve to tell my wife that you didn't want to be my heal bot? F U N THE A. I never asked you to play healbot. That was you telling me your shaman was first to be leveled so you could play healer.

You have no one to blame for me being pissed other than your own personal bullshit.

I don't throw away friends I have known for 13 years over a game. The game is just a game but your friend playing in front of the monitor is more than pixels. Get your fucking act together.

Sugars said...

I just made patterns! Pretty colors! I couldn't help it! And now I am ignored. :( Which is odd cause I wasn't for a month after you left.

hip said...

This post kind of disagrees with the previous post eh... to be a smart guy S.. sometimes- ur quite the dumbass =]

hip said...

This post kind of disagrees with the previous post eh... to be a smart guy S.. sometimes- ur quite the dumbass =]

Anonymous said...

you are coming off as quite the douchebag, noobed.

Anonymous said...

Think there is another apology post coming?!

Did Arms write this as a post on his blog and I miss it?

Telrunya said...

I am not personally involved in your chaos but I do read both blogs. I truly dont see how Noobed is coming across as a "douchebag".

The only one who comes across as bad in my eyes is "hip". No clue who that is but seems to be quiet the whiner and seems to like stirring the pot.

Maybe "hip" is one of your guys friends is just messing with you. Again i dont know either of your history's really. Came across your blogs from Outofmana.

Anonymous said...

Hip is Arm's wife.

She more than likely has better insight than any of us.

I think leaving your friend's guild in any kind of "dramtic" fashion and without telling them is a real candidate for the "douchebag" title.

Of course, I wasn't there so Ireally don't know if that is how it went down. If Arms' comments are accurate though...

/stamped Douchebag

Noobed, you should have really told your friends the "why's" of your leaving.

Dagashai said...

So anyway, I'm quite the bastard.

And I think I forgot to flush before I left.

Anyway, that's why going forward, Ima gonna be mentioning a new guild and people.