Friday, December 12, 2008

A life from which they'd love to flee

Bettie Page, RIP.

Not that many people change the world with their hotness. Damn it all to hell.

Here's a brain teaser. Knock yourselves out. And yeah... that was back when education meant something.

Melvin was running regular HoL last night. Um, no, that's not the way to start this one.

One of our guild locks did vault, and came in second in dps. With less than 1.4k. I got into a conversation with the Guild Head of DPS, something along the lines of...

"I really, really, really have to respec elemental and show these fools what real damage is."

"Isn't that my job?"

"You ain't been on lately. I'm reduced to tellin Kry stories, you know the ones, and then the lazer turkey started shooting thunder out his furry arse... anyway, you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, all the time."

So... Melvin, who has been avoiding end game comment like it was a bill collector, ran HoL with a guild equip team. See... our current 10 man offtank issa DK. And tryin to get a DK to uncrittability is apparently quite the task, since they don't use shields. So we've been runnin him through tryin to get enough gear to make up the difference.

And here's another Blizzard droppin the ball thing. They never thought of this. See, bears, i.e. feral form druids, don't quite have the same uncrit problem because of talents. They don't really *need* the shield.

There is, OTOH, nuttin in the DK talent tree to help.

How bad is the problem? Blizz is introducin a rune fer the DK rune weapon thingamajiggy that has 25 defense skill on it.

Skill, not rating. Thats like 125 defense rating. (actually, I think closer to 123.) That's a whole hell of a lot, and would've been nice to have um, right now...

Anyway, Melvin's mage was with them. And he dueled THE ROCK!, our guild prot warrior tank. And lost. Badly. Over and over.

And then blamed it on the gear.

"He's all epic'd out!"

"Yeah, all the defense, which reduces spell damage by 0%. Oh, and the dodge, that reduces it another 0%. And then there's the block and parry! Oh the horror! I've run with him, on single targets he gets all the way up to 700dps. Man, rather run into a rabid pack of feral ret pallies that go toe to toe with that monster..."

It was a bad day for magedom when Melvin decided on that for his first class.



Anonymous said...

That new DK tank rune is totally OP. I don't really understand it - that is way, WAY more than a Pally or Warrior is going to have on his 1h weapon + shield + shield's enchant.

I just hit 80 on Wednesday and 535 Def (uncrittable for Heroics) is slightly challenging, but not undoable - buying the entire Tempered Saronite set and adding in some tanking quest rewards will do a lot for starters. Then get the various Defense enchants. Then gem for Defense.

You hit 80 with 5 skill points still to go in Defense, but that can take a while. I wanted to run Heroics immediately, and ended up plunging in with about 527 Defense - which was fine, at least for VH.

I can imagine a DK having trouble without the aforementioned Def from a tanking weapon, shield, and defense to shield enchant. That said, this rune is an overcorrection. I guess they realized that they created DK to fill the (non-existant imho) tanking gap, but that anyone who wasn't deadly serious about gear wouldn't be able to get their DK ready.

Again, I'd recommend pretty much all of the Tempered Saronite set, taking Wyrmrest to revered for their cloak, chest, and boots, and then Argent Crusade to revered for their legs and helm enchant. That ought to make all the Def. problems go away, even for a DK. Some of those items come at Honored, too.

I will be zerging a few heroics after work to try and get Wyrmrest to Revered before we try Satharion 10 tonight. Less than 4k rep to go, and an upgrade drop or two wouldn't hurt either.


Dagashai said...

Yeah, kinda a little more, although, as you kinda alluded to, the rune has to replace not only the defense of the shield, but also the defense of the 1h weapon. (since itsa a rune for a 2h weapon...)

I think it has to do with threat generation. I'm not sure DK's have the same multipliers that pallys and warriors have, and can't really spare as much room for +def. As well, for some bizarre reason, blizz seems to want to make em stack def above uncrittable.. as they have talents/skills that scale as defense goes even higher.

But this is kinda a neat idea. The DK tanking kit is pretty much a change to the 2h rune. If only pallies and warriors had the same versatility.

So... how are things going with you, heroics wise? I'm still a little scared with pally tanks, since they seem to be running with 2-4k less health than comparably geared warriors... but you guys aint having problems with threat so far that i've seen...

Inphidel said...

wtfbbqpwn'd the 11-plus. 15/15 with 0:53 mins left.
back to leveling my shammy...