Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's so civil about a civil war?

Time to level a second toon. I had been thinking about running Mabd, but to be honest... Mabd really needs to finish all her netherstorm quests (another 50 or so) back in Outland. And I really don't want to mess with outland right now.

Mabd has a 440 JC. And does her JC and cooking dailies each and every day. She's almost 71...

No... after Unbound healed for a frostfire mage inna heroic, I now know what I want Majeure to be when she's all growded up! Sick sick damage. I have to admit, I was a bit peeved at BRK for showin offa combined pet/hunter dps around 2400...

But then I saw my lovely lovely Lightninghoof Horde FROSTFIRE mage doin about 2100. And was happy again.

For the most part... healin has been easy. I've had two bad tankin experiences... both with a poor prot pally that was way undergeared for heroics. OTOH, I'm geared enough for anything. Theresa really interesting fight at the end of heroic halls of lightning that becomes insanely easy with a simple gear check. If eveyone has at least 14k life... and the healer has mad skillz... you can just sit tight, take the 12k hits from Loken, and down that fool in 45 seconds.

Moar on dps... ima seeing way too damn many dps in heroics that can't break 1200. And my problem with this prot pally... he's only got 21k health. No evasion (all defense gear). And he doesn't use retaliation aura, so he keeps losin aggro to dps. I'm not sayin that the ret aura is needed. I'm just sayin... when someone doin 1400dps is takin aggro from you... you aint tankin right.

Plus crap would come free and smack me. Bad tank = more healing =more healer threat. Ah, the hell with it.

So... s priests have been trashin the dps meters in my runs. Aside from frostfire boy (who had pretty crappy gear) the only dps I've seen over 2k has been 2 s priests anda really awesome death knight.

Shammies have been representing.. even while undergeared. I have to say... when the new elemental changes come, ele shammies might be a force to be reconned with. And, btw, ripper? Could ya be moar a whining little beatch? Yeah, blizzard has no damn clue how the "spirit on everything cloth" fetish screws mages. Still, takin a cheap shot at elemental shammies? For shame! I hope ret pallies think you have a "real purty smile."

Not only do elemental (and resto) shammies get jack sh*t from spirit... elemental shammies main mana regen depends on int. All this +mp5 gear is killing us. I think hunters too... I doan see BRK sporting much mp5 these days. As for Blizzard... I mean... really... if your gonna make a million different epic cloth wrist drops, do they all have to be the freaking same?

What does that mean for poor unbound? Well... the appeal of cloth and leather gear is very limited. And my rings and cloaks tend to have crappy spirit as well. I mean... I don't run outta mana. I do, but not in a way that spirit will help. If the group is takin massive damage, water shield will keep me full. If the group is taking limited damage, chain heal keeps it all good. And I can spam chain heal non stop for a bit more than a minute without water shield up.

One target healing? Between earth shield and lesser healing wave... I really dont have have problems. Did heroic stone halls.. fought the stone giant... you know, baby gruul? The first shatter killed all three dps, leavin just the prot pally and me. 8 min later... hes at full health, I'm at full mana, and the boss is dead. (The pally was killin me... how the hell can anyone do that little damage?)

Resto shammies are sick sick healz now. I think properly specced holy priests can keep up... but its close.

As for damage... the second the elemental changes go live, Ima respec elemental, and see what 27% crit and 1700 spell power will get me. If the lava burst changes are accurate, I'm expecting 8-10k auto crits.

Meanwhile, I'll run beloved Majeure up to 80... and Mabd gets shelved fer a small bit. Even tho end game, I think the MM/Surv hunter build will scale the best.

Oh yeah, ripper... didya see Meg's little tantrum?

"Oh, and Mages might be getting 50% reduction from DOTs with Mage Armor.. screw Mages."

Moar like 75% when you count 140 resist all, Megs my love. Gonna be weird when mages start running towards yuir lock in the BG, aint it?

Heh heh heh...


Anonymous said...

Tankadins generally only use Ret aura when we overgear the content. Otherwise, Devo aura boosts the armor and heals received by all members of the party (including the tank, obv).

I've been running with Ret aura on, but I have all epics and have run nothing higher than A-N (just hit 75 last night, and I'm mostly just questing with my wife). Ret aura should not be needed to hold aggro - he should have the right talents, a weapon with 80+ DPS on it...and check his buffs to make sure Righteous Fury is on (this is super important).

I've had people pull aggro a couple of times, which really surprised me, but I've also been running very sloppily since we outgear the low instances. I haven't been marking mobs, generally, and we've been AoEing everything.


Dagashai said...

Yeah, I heard that devo aura was pushin heals up.. still, he kept the damage he was takin down by losin aggro all the time.

Either the dps was attacking the wrong targets (entirely possible) or something was wrong with the tankin. OTOH... I ran with another pally tank who had a few issues. However, he was with one of the premier raiding guilds on my server... I really dont know what to say.

Still havent healed a feral in a heroic, tho.

Its kinda weird... all the fights I've been seein require a lot more mobility than usual, and that tends to screw pallys, who like to conc and root...

Dorgol said...

I healed a Prot last week who forgot his Righteous Fury. Made a HUGE difference.

Once we reminded him to turn it on, he never dropped aggro.

Euripedes said...

My new favorite alt is a rogue, so this whole cheap shot thing is new and exciting territory for me.

Must... use... Cheap Shot...

Euripedes said...

Oh yes, almost forgot.

Arcane mages are headin' for a nerf in PvP. Just sayin'.

Might be months down the line, but it will happen.

Honestly, I've been milking the whole warlock thing quite a bit.

Deep Arcane build, picked up Glyph of Remove Curse, threw on Mage Armor, and wtf pwnd warlocks for HOURS.

It was fun. I highly recommend trying it.