Friday, February 29, 2008

Look in... to the eye of the storm...

First a little linkage for the Herk.

Review of D&D 4E.

Relevant passage... "With class abilities that begin with phrases like 'Once per day, when you die…'"

Second... Herk hadda bad BG night last night. I think he lost 5 EotS in a row before giving up in disgust. I was with him for 3... EotS record WITH Herk... 0-3. Without him... 2-0. I think he just pulls the worst players into the match with him...

Which lead to one of my pet peeves. Yeah, I know, like Ima not just a big bundle of friggin nerves anyway... but something set me off even more than life in general...

We hop into a match vs a premade. Now this is game 5... Herk is gone. He's in the BG version of /follow mode. If this was real life, he'd be sitting in a hut somewhere in BFE, surrounded by cannibals who think hesa god, playing with a stack of severed hands and muttering under his breath, "the horror! the horror!"

Instead, hesa just not doin much thinking. So, against a premade, big zerg on against the horde start area, Fel Reaver and Blood Elf. Which means the Ally area is denuded. So smart players really, really, really should be rushing middle and spreading out to Mage Tower and Draenei Ruins.

And there we were, majeure and herk's druid, alone in the middle. So i stop to cap flag... what the hell... as Melvin pointed out in one of his few cogent points... why the hell NOT go after flag first? Its free points...

I whisper Herk... MT. (Cuz I see only one ally there...) We head out... and remember... Herk is friggin gone. I mean it. What's he doin at this point? Lagging BEHIND the flag carrier (me) as I head into enemy occupied territory... so I whisper him to take point...

We get to MT, and only a warrior guarding... so I nail him witha frost bolt. Frostbite procs... and so does my spellstrike bonus... excellent! Time fera bolt/lance shatter combo for 6k damage! Cast em... and right before they hit, the warrior gets cycloned.

K... druids... I know cyclone is WTFPWBBBQ OP. But fer the love of god... stop freaking spamming it in BG's. Especially on targets that are getting nuked. Too damn many times, my killing burst target gets six seconds of invulnerability from a damn druid too stupid to see the bigger picture.

I dunno. Itsa form of bloodlust. I just hate having to wait cuz some furry fetish freak lost their heads. Anyway, Herk and I take the tower, wait for reinforcements that doan show, and lose the game in short order.

Last... you are all on goddamn warning. Next lunatic that starts spamming EotS with "no flag till we take three bases..." well... you've all seen Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I've got the money to hunt you bastards down... and then comes the sweet sweet beatdown. This goes for the fools that claim Arathi Basin comes down to possession of a specific set of bases... "We'll never win without LM!" I swear to god, my new brass knucks are just for YOU.

To reiterate... basic BG theory. Take what they give you. In EotS, if they give you three bases, fine. They give you two bases and flag... also good. Art of War, people...

The army's formation is like water.

The water's formation avoids the high and rushes to the low.

So an army's formation avoids the strong and rushes to the weak.

Water's formation adapts to the ground when flowing.

So then an army's formation adapts to the enemy to achieve victory.

Therefore, an army does not have constant force, or have constant formation.

Those who are able to adapt and change in accord with the enemy and achieve victory are called divine.

And let's hope Herk is back to reality this weekend. I gotta get some stuff done.

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Anonymous said...

Good post. Love the Sun Tzu reference. Moar Shammy posts, blog references, etc. please! ;)

Fedaykin98, pally tank and 46 Enh Shammy