Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If you could see the you that I see, when I see you see me...

You would see yourself so differently, believe me!

So another lunch with melvin. Mmmm... bleu cheese bacon burger.

Melvin on tanking... "I'll just tell them to stay below me on the threat meter... if they pull aggro, they deserve to die."

Team Melvin went 6-4 last week in the 5s bracket. Since we were starting out at 1250, we ended up 70 points, since every loss dropped us 7, and wins netted us 20.

Our first match was a loss against 2 resto shammies, rogue, hunter and feral druid.

Afterwards, Melvin posted... "They had 2 healers and we had none. Bottom line."

We then went on to beat that team 5 games straight with our healerless 5 man team. After each win I'd post something like... "That hunter went down faster than Paris Hilton on a first date. Bottom line." Melvin got seriously annoyed, so I count it as another personal victory.

The truly frightening thing about Melvin is that there is absolutely no mystery to how his mind thinks... he is more than inclined to tell you whatever theory he has.

"You can't take prince with more than one tank."
"You can't take moroes with less than three priests."
"Druids are the worst pvp class."

Today's gem... we were passing a little lottery kiosk. Long line. Melvin starts musing about the line, since the jackpot is kinda low... I mention all the press about the latest uber winners... and Melvin notes that the recent winners were exceptional in that they bought "only" two tickets.

According to Melvin, you really need to buy five or more to have any realistic chance of winning.

Anyway, I spent lunch explaining to him how he exhibits all the classical signs of beta maleness.

As fer me and Herk. Really... we rag on each other. It works for us. I need to be goaded into getting offa my lazy ass and playing, and he needs to be slapped back into focus every so often. All symbiotic like.


Sugars said...

I always thought you and Herk had a love-hate relationship.

sonvar said...

I know you guys do its just funny how one of you post something and then a response is made in the other blog. Its entertaining. I will say that Melvin is an idiot if he thinks whoever pulls aggro deserves to die. What if its the healer who had to use a heal on him so he didn't die but casting that heal was going to put them over his threat. As far as Moroes goes my group has done it with only two priests. We take one down, shackle two of them, and I trap the other. I keep the one trapped until we downed the first mob. Then I feign death and we take down the mob I had been trapping. Then we go after Moroes with no issue. Our group at the moment mostly runs into problem when we try taking down Moroes with only one priest for shackling but we've gotten fairly close to still being able to handle that.

Anonymous said...

In my guild we down Moroes with only one priest just about every time. Kill one, have the off-tank grab the second, shackle one, hunter trap one is our usual setup. The trapped mob is the second kill, followed by Moroes, the one hitting the OT, and finally the shackled one.

Also - DPSers who pull threat mostly do deserve to die. Who are threat meters for? Not for healers; they don't have the option to stop healing. Any decent tank is already putting out about as much threat as he can. Omen is there to keep DPSers from pulling threat - it even flashes the screen red so that you can't miss it. :)

Fedaykin98, pally tank