Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.

Damn... a nekkid supermodel hittin on you when you 16...

I can't top that. I can't even come close.

I got a drunk Britney Spears story, but lets face it... everyone has one of those...


Here's my best shot...

I was working at the store one night when 2 really tall black dudes came in...

Now... Ima not short. Ima 6'3ish. But one of these guys was easily my height, and the other was 6'6 to 7'...

It was hard to tell cuz of the high heels both were wearing.

Not kidding. Both of em were in drag, make up, etc. The really tall one winked at me while rolling his (her?) hips ina most disturbing fashion as they both headed to the back of the store and the frozen food section.

Did I mention the 3AM shadow?


So they get back there and begin stuffing pizza rolls down their... well, wherever a pizza roll could fit.

They they come back, and walk out of the store.

And my only thought.... I aint touching those rolls, and cannot in good conscience sell them to another human being... Ima just gonna keep my mouth shut. Except for the dropped jaw bit.

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