Friday, February 15, 2008

Of all of the people in the world

Why should I love you?

Happy belated V-Day to the crew.

I gotta smack my aunt around. I gotta call yesterday... my beloved grandmother's birthday is today, the 15th. So I get a call yesterday from my aunt at 8:45 in the morning. I missed the call, and Auntie L left a message.

Now... the setup.

I'm in virginia. EST.

Auntie L lives near KB (the beloved grandmother)... deep in the heart of texas as they say... in teh CST zone. So my aunt is calling me at 7:45 her time.

I pick up the phone, see the missed call, do the math and think, OMFG, Grannies dead! Cuz, you know, KB is 82 today, and has had some problems... none recently, but at that age, we all worry...

Nope. Aunt L bought KB a present for all of us and was calling to tell us what it was so when we talk to KB we wouldn't be out of the loop.

And Aunt L had to call and tell us this at 7:45 in the morning, her time.


Anyway, happy V-Day to BRK. You've inspired me to try to get that jump shot down!

Happy V-Day to Herk and Sony. Tho I have no idea why he was on last night to the neglect of his little sexpot.

Happy V-Day to Rats. Who seems to have WAY too much fun dressing up his chars. BTW, get that sexy black dress yet?

Happy V-Day to Shifty. You've given up on blogging, haven't you?

Happy V-Day to Megs. I'd offer you my heart, but I'm not sure that a warlock would understand the non-literal nature of the deal....

Happy V-Day to Sonvar. Leaving a comment for a hobby blog is like tagging the tip jar for a pay site. Makes us feel appreciated...

And last, Happy V-Day to Snookums. I swear to god we'll do that anime night sooner or later. (You gotta understand... she's got HUGE tracts of... um... anime....)


sonvar said...

You're welcome Noob/Dagashai or whatever you preferred to be called. I try to comment most often then being a lurker.

ArmsandFury said...

Sexpot was sick and online leveling her Hunter... not that coughing up phlegm isn't attractive to some... er

Happy V-day to S. Who oft times reminds me of Nin-nin.

Sugars said...

And Happy VD to you too~!

Ratshag said...

Happy V-Day back at ya, Noobed. No sexy black dresses, just a coupla picnic baskets and the whole got they's hearts broken a buncha times.